Women Roar

How do I write the sound that a cat makes? Not the soft meow or the purr, but the noise we hear at the end of a “catty remark”. It’s the noise that is made (often by men) explaining the cat fight between two women.

I hate that noise. I hate the interruption of what is often a comment or question raised, only to be trivialised as nasty and unjust. We’re allowed to disagree, we’re allowed to question.

Women are often portrayed as bitchy. The mommy/mummy wars, the mean girls, the Alexis versus Chrystal Carrington. Our disagreements are unladylike, uncouth and undignified. We were so much easier to deal with when we just sat quietly in the powder room.

Yesterday, after much trepidation, I decided it was time to bare my soul and write about our choice to send our eldest off to boarding school. I’d held back perhaps in fear of being judged, I just wasn’t ready to defend our choice. I didn’t want to have to justify a personal decision on a public page.

What a fool.

After hundreds of comments and countless personal messages I’ve realised when it comes to raising our teens we’re all conflicted. What’s best? Which route to take? Am I being selfish or selfless? Is this decision going to be the one that completely screws up my child?

Your comments and advice yesterday helped me more than I can ever adequately articulate on the page. You’ve made me realise I’m not doing this alone, there’s thousands of us out there, and while some of you would make a different choice you’re not here to tell me mine is the wrong choice. There was not an ounce of judgement, more an astute understanding of how it feels to slowly release a child into the world. A women’s intuition if you will.

We’re in this together, thanks for the reminder.

Thank you xxx

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