I Might Not Remember Your Name

We've been trying to piece our different recollections of our last Bangkok trip into one seamless story but after 20 years the details are a little hazy. We keep having conversations that sound eerily familiar to how I remember G's parents talking about old friends from a different time and a different place. "Who was that guy that we went to … [Read more...]

Expat Women

I've been back in Doha for almost two weeks and like any return there's the inevitable comparison of what's different, what has changed. For the two years I've been away Doha hasn't slowed down - with a World Cup on the horizon there's the constant thrum of building development and growth. While covid provided the necessity technology allowed for … [Read more...]

Just About Done

I don't know about you, but I'm just about done and unfortunately I'm not talking about Christmas shopping. Covid has finally got me. Not in the viral bedridden sense, that's yet to come, but the fatigue of the what comes next hit me hard(er) today. G (husband) was meant to be flying into Australia this Monday. We've been counting the days … [Read more...]

Vale The Beagle

My sister told me the story as I was driving, we were both on speaker phone. She was talking about an older couple, people she's close to, the couple had fallen in love later in life. Both had adult children on opposite sides of the world. He was from the UK and she Australian. As retirees their romance had worked perfectly, one that perhaps many … [Read more...]

Breaking the Marriage Rules

Picture this, your marriage has its own personal umpire. The umpire is there to make sure none of the cardinal rules are broken. And when I say rules it's more than in sickness and in health. It's the down and dirty, the murky stuff that we know is wrong but we just can't somehow help ourselves. The tiny little dig, the raised eyebrow, the silent … [Read more...]

A broken heart

It was in January of this year that I first had an inkling there was something wrong with my heart. There were tests, angiograms and monitors, more tests, and then finally a triuphant call from my cardioligist. As I puffed my way up the steep incline of the treadmill he watched my heart screaming for help on a screen in front of him "there it is!". … [Read more...]

The Death of a Memory

My mother in law has a rich cache of memories that find their way easily into a conversation - a walk on the beach, a cup of tea in a comfortable chair, or on the bleachers of a child's baseball game. Her stories span from a rural childhood riding a horse to school to a young nursing career. Marriage lead to an expat life in the seventies in Asia … [Read more...]

Let Me Tell You A Story

It was here that the stories began, both on this page and in a hotel room surrounded by suitcases and small bodies. Their four faces held a pattern, a template from G and myself: his eyes, my chin, his long arms, my hair. While they were all different, you could tell they were the same, somehow linked, a product of us. In Canada they were four … [Read more...]

Before you put your pink bow on

October is a big month for our family, it begins with my son's birthday and ends with my husband's (which is usually completely overthrown by Halloween). Over the years it's meant four kids with four costume requirements and some crazy class party baking requests. A couple of years ago a breast cancer diagnosis meant I added chemo to the list of … [Read more...]

The Expat Mongrel

*Spoken at The Big Fat Expat Meet-up at the Shangri-La Shanghai* Before the pedigree plague of poodles of varying degrees, before the oodles, the spoodles, the cavoodles and groodles, or Golden Doodles depending on which part of the world you're from (Australians stop giggling now) before the oodles - there was your basic mongrel. The family … [Read more...]