Arctic Desert Warriors.

Remember last week when I spoke about the weather? The heat was yet to arrive. We were too busy with sandstorms, hail, sprinkles of rain and lovely cool weather.

Well that was last week, this is now.

Accordingly to my car temperature gauge it was  47 degrees yesterday afternoon. The heat has arrived, and like labour pains and cracked nipples, the minute it returned the memories came flooding back. As I made my way across the sand swept school car park, I peeked out through my squinted eyes at my fellow arctic desert warriors.

Arctic? Yes arctic.

It’s currently 45 degrees and I’m wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt. My feet are frozen and the hairs on my arms are pointing towards to the sky. Why? I stopped for a quick coffee with a girlfriend. Coffee shops in Doha mean that all cappuccinos are instantly frapped. Would you like that latte frozen? Well, just wait around for a couple of minutes and our air-conditioners (set to ice age) will get that happening for you. If the power was to shut down I imagine even Walt Disney in his cryogenically frozen state, would take a few days to begin to thaw.

In a few minutes I’ll head off to pick up the little travellers from school and receive the defrosting sandblast. Glasses will fog, perspiration will appear and the perpetual squint will arrive as the sand swishes by. The feeling of one hundred hairdryers that are set to both high heat and full air will follow me as I make my way to the car.

Welcome to May.

The best excuse for ice-cream consumption, sparkling drinks, and poolside fun. Pass me the tonic, I’ll grab the ice-cubes, come with me my fellow arctic desert warriors it’s time for summer.

*I think it’s just a rumour that Walt is frozen, but it’s kind of cool to think that somewhere in a back room somewhere there’s a real Disney on ice.

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