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You know how people return from a conference with hours of inside jokes and hilarious not hilarious anecdotes. That’s me right now. My head is full of internal giggles which are being transmitted into awkward smiles as I sit here in the Brisbane International Airport. I fly back to Qatar tonight: tired, emotional, and with a phone full of new Twitter and Instagram handles.

I’ve just spent the weekend at Problogger, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a few years. The past two days has been full of “OMG! Helloooooooo”. It was a weekend of connecting with women (and a few blokes) who I’ve adored online and from afar for years. Although perhaps the highlight was the new discoveries, brilliant writers who had me giggling, no, snorting, into my wine glass while we shared apps, talked blogging, and divulged stories that only we over sharers can with people we’ve just met.

I’ve been in Australia since June, three months, and tonight is my last night. To not have the children here with me and to be in a city that is very much my husbands, combined with the fact that I’ve not had enough sleep  – equals a very nostalgic and melancholy Kirsty. There was only one thing to do. A little bit of Waltzing Mathilda, kind of, well, with a twist. For those who weren’t there I promise blogging will return to normal tomorrow. I’ll be back to my pre June schedule, but for just this post – I’m going to be that annoying person who returned from the conference with a bunch of inside jokes and anecdotes. (Maybe just push the exit button now and I’ll see you tomorrow) but for those who were there, thank you so much. I had a blast. See you next year.

Once a jolly blogger

Camped on the Gold Coast

Under the shade of the beautiful QT.

And she tweeted and she instagrammed

While dreaming of winning frequent flying points

Hoping and Praying she’d be chosen by Virgin Velocity.


Waltzing into Stingrays

Waltzing into Stingrays

Who wants to have another G & T?

And she sang and she danced

While dodging Captain Long Schlong in the photo booth

Who wants to have another G & T?


Once a jolly blogger

Camped on the Gold Coast

Under the shade of the beautiful QT.

And she laughed and she cried as she realised that those people on the internet

were her friends, and her confidantes.

Switching from online to IRL’s

they were now her reality.

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