The Good and The Bad

The Good.

We woke up on Easter Sunday to an eery stillness.

“No-one’s been in to let us know if the Easter Bunny has been?” I asked G who had of course been up before the roosters.

“Nope – not a word.”

They’d had a sleepover the night before. All four had requested to sleep in the spare room together. Three in the bed and one on the floor. When I  walked in I found them all in the one bed, laying comfortably in a heap like dirty washing. I looked at the legs of one across another, a nose nestled on the shoulder of the sibling in front of them.

That minute that I had to watch them, eyelashes resting on cheeks. That was good.

The Bad.

G has to go away again.

The Good.

He’ll gain air miles that will help us out the next time we want to go away on a holiday.

The Bad.

I went to kickboxing this morning and before I even managed to get my gloves on I injured myself – skipping. On the first skip I complained that my ankle hurt when I landed on it, on the second skip I tried to correct myself and landed weirdly  jarring my lower back. As I wandered around in circles in the exercise room at a complete loss on what to do, I contemplated that this is what it’s like when you’re close to your 90th birthday. I drove home sounding like I was in the early stages of labour each time I shifted in my seat or turned the wheel. It then took ten minutes to get out of the car. I thought of my grandmother each time I’d collect her from her house for a family celebration. How she’d have to gain some momentum to swing her knees to one side. Sometimes she’d use her hands to lift her legs like they weren’t hers, she’d place the feet on the unknown grandmother in the right spot before she’d attempt to move. “These legs?!” she’d say incredulously, as if someone had given her the wrong ones. Legs she didn’t recognize.

The Good.

I have painkillers.

The Bad.

I had to say goodbye to G like this. From the floor.



The Good.

I get to look at this.


Remember my friend Pip? I wrote about her last month. I’m in the process of finally setting up our playroom. G and I wanted to make it all about the kids and we’ve had pictures framed from our travels, each one representing an experience we’ve had as a family. I’d seen one of Pip’s surfboards before and thought it would be perfect. A beach theme but made here in Doha by an Australian artist. That’s pretty much us in a nutshell. We wanted something vibrant with colours to match their personalities. I love it. I know Pip has other boards and is happy to chat to you about what colours work for you. You can see her work here. I actually don’t think this picture does the board justice. The surboard will feature in an exhibition later this year and needs a name, I suggested “The Little Travellers” or “The Beach Travellers” or “4 kids, 20 suitcases and a surfboard”. Any thoughts? Which one would you pick? Do you have a suggestion for a name? If you’ve got one pop it down in the comments below. That and any suggestions to fix a bad back, standing is fine but sitting is proving to be a bit of a problem.


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