Why You Need To Stop Sharing Those Useless Red Love Hearts

My left boob is sore. It hurts when you apply any pressure to it and it feels a little angry to touch. The scar that was left after my lumpectomy has well and truly healed but it’s what lies underneath that’s the worry. And when I say worry, I mean it’s a pain, a complete pain in the ars… boob. I’m assured it’s nothing sinister (I had an MRI a few months ago) but it’s a dull and ugly pain.

My lumpectomy scar has a faint black line running through it, my new surgeon tells me it’s because of my old surgeon’s incompetence, that he didn’t remove the dye and so every day, every shower, every change of clothes and every time I look down, I am reminded of breast cancer.

I’m reminded of breast cancer often, it’s not just the pain in the boob. It’s my hair which is slowly growing back, it’s the weight gain from chemo, it’s the shoulder that’s possibly frozen or just in a mess because of the radiotherapy. I’m reminded of cancer in breast cancer groups when I see that women who once posted of hope and determination have “gained their wings”.

I am reminded of breast cancer when friends tell me of their mother, their sister, their aunt and their friend because they know we now have something in common. I am reminded by doctors who want follow up appointments but mostly I am reminded by my own body. Every ache, every pain in my mind is the return, the metastasised truth of brain, lung or bone – because once you’ve been told you have cancer once it’s easy to imagine being told the news again.

And here’s where I bring up those stupid red love hearts. The love hearts that are posted in status updates and private messages. Private messages to me and 262 of your closest female friends. The love hearts that raise no money. The love hearts that provide no cure, and the love hearts that so many ignore because they’re some sort of secret Facebook society.

Please stop it with your love hearts.

Earlier today a girlfriend in a breast cancer group shared her annoyance “Some random person I don’t even know messaged me that heart…so I sent her back a pic of my chest.”


This is what breast cancer looks like. It’s not pretty and pink with cute little red hearts.

If you want to share and be aware don’t post a heart on Facebook – go with a friend for a check up, donate to a research organisation or volunteer to help out someone in your community.

A red heart in your status update? It’s useless.

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