The My Reality Project



The first rule of my reality is there are no rules in #myreality. No daily prompts, no set themes.

It began with a couple of pictures on Instagram. A hashtag #myreality. I thought I’d show the reality of the mundane, perhaps add a little reality to this often perceived opulent expat life. I took a photo of traffic in my world, you took a photo of traffic in your world. I took a photo of the goats in the truck, you took a photo of the dog in the car, the horse in the yard, THE ELEPHANT WALKING DOWN YOUR STREET! I have to say, that elephant kind of stole the show.

The My Reality project is a chance for you to show what it’s like where you live. What’s your reality? Whether it’s a cattle station in Queensland or a village in Greece. It’s an insight into life in another location.

There are no daily prompts, just take a pic of how your life looks – your reality.

I’d love to see what your world looks like. What’s your reality? Remember to hashtag #myreality #4K20S. I’m @shamozal on Instagram. Come and say hi.