My Top 10 Tips For Flying With A Baby

I had a question yesterday from Amna about flying with newborns and babies. "Can you do a post on travelling with a newborn? I may have to travel long distance with a 4 week old next year and am very, very nervous about it!" I said I'd get on to it. When I began to write a few things down it all began to feel a bit familiar. And then I remembered … [Read more...]


In between returning to school with a swimming bag that was left at home and meeting some girlfriends for lunch, I stopped to pick up my new business cards. As I pulled over I looked out across the hazy landscape, just beyond the rubble in front of me was a freeway, from there on it was all pretty flat. Doha - if your dog runs away from home you … [Read more...]

The Expat Woman

If you've seen the French and Saunders skit of the two expat women who can barely get off their chairs to pour their gin, you would have to agree that expat women have a pretty terrible reputation. It's obvious with their cushy lives that they spend their days playing golf while dripping in diamonds, surrounded by staff who fulfil their needs. "In … [Read more...]

Us and The Girls

It was one of the last jobs to be done. I was packing up the beach house in Australia to head back to Qatar; towels were washed and folded, I'd cleared out the debris from under everyone's beds receiving the unspoken surprise monologues from my absent children *Surprise Mum! Here's where I left all those socks you've been searching for, and look, … [Read more...]

Happy I Tell You!

The process of returning, the re-entry, had its usual narrative. An epic journey (I swear it took me about 5 days to get home). I arrived at the final baggage carousel looking greasy and creasy. I'd picked up a cold somewhere between Brisbane and Hong Kong, my nose was red, my skin dry and I'm fairly sure I smelled. G looked slightly scared rather … [Read more...]

The Expat Niche

I was searching through my bag for a pen while chatting to a new friend when I found my house keys. The Adelaide house keys. It was an impulse buy at the hardware store - I'd collected one of those miniature torches as a keyring. The torch had assisted in the walk to the local restaurant, particularly the part where you make your way through the … [Read more...]

Why Am I Not Happy?

I am terrible at Math. When I returned to University at age 21 I was forced to undertake a subject which I recognized immediately to be an oxymoron, it was called "Basic Math." For people like me there is no basic math. A short video was shown in the first tutorial, its setting a suburban post office. As people made their way from the post office … [Read more...]

Why We’re Loving The Facebook Movies

I think Facebook movies may well be the smartest thing Facebook has done in years. For the first time in a long time I've thought about the beauty of Facebook rather than the marketing, manipulation of information, and oh god, algorithms, don't get me started on algorithms. Facebook, if I "liked" it I obviously "like" it, so please just let me … [Read more...]

Louise, Sassy, and Ooshka. The Women at the International School Gate

An international move for a family will often require finding an International School. One of my part-time roles is as a relocation specialist. I Skype with families on the other side of the world who are nervously sitting with a list of questions about their future expat life. School is always at the top of the list. Which one? Who has the best … [Read more...]

From a distance.

There's something quite surreal about watching a news broadcast where all the pictures are familiar but the language is one you are yet to understand. As I stand in our Doha kitchen, spreading butter on my toast, the Arabic voice continues while waterlogged but familiar shots of my homeland appear on the screen. I'm completely gobsmacked. I haven't … [Read more...]