Gripping On To The Wreckage

My mind has been completely scrambled for the past two weeks. It wasn't just a matter of cruising down that famous river in Egypt, denial. I was heading Tsunami style, gripping on to the wreckage of life before cancer. Nothing will change. I can work full time. I've got this. This is merely a blip. I'd lose concentration mid sentence, find … [Read more...]

Who You Marry Will Be Your Most Important Career Decision

My husband and I took the news of Dave Goldberg's death differently. For a start, G wasn't sure who Dave Goldberg was. "He was the CEO of Survey Monkey. He was married to Sheryl Sandberg" G's face remained blank. "You know, the woman who wrote 'Lean In' she's the COO of Facebook". G gave me a look of recognition but I wasn't convinced he knew … [Read more...]

Give Yourself Permission To Fail

  In the first year that G and I were married I decided to return to study. I enrolled in a very serious business management subject and began my first assignment with an essay on management systems. I had absolutely no interest in management systems but I figured it would help out at work and get me one step closer to a promotion. I … [Read more...]