Days Without Yips

Sometimes you just have to lock yourself away for the day. Well I do. Maybe it's not for everyone, but Friday was one of those days. Just a day. I just needed a day to be miserable about this very inconvenient case of breast cancer. I woke up on Saturday with a clearer head, sunshine streaming through the windows, and plans. Plans are good. It was … [Read more...]

The Truth About Blogging

I wrote this post on the BloggingME site a few weeks ago. I thought I'd share it here, for two reasons. I don't have time to write today because once again I've been up until 3 trying to finish an assignment, but more importantly it's a personal piece and I think it belongs over here as well. I find most of my personal revelations or epiphanies … [Read more...]


In between returning to school with a swimming bag that was left at home and meeting some girlfriends for lunch, I stopped to pick up my new business cards. As I pulled over I looked out across the hazy landscape, just beyond the rubble in front of me was a freeway, from there on it was all pretty flat. Doha - if your dog runs away from home you … [Read more...]

The Expat Niche

I was searching through my bag for a pen while chatting to a new friend when I found my house keys. The Adelaide house keys. It was an impulse buy at the hardware store - I'd collected one of those miniature torches as a keyring. The torch had assisted in the walk to the local restaurant, particularly the part where you make your way through the … [Read more...]

Before You Get Arrested

I have a friend on Facebook her name is Kim Berry, we have never met. I can't remember how many years ago that it was that I began reading her blog but she made me giggle and there was an immediate feeling of admiration. Admiration because she's had some struggles that I haven't, struggles which she talks about with honesty and humor. And maybe … [Read more...]