Mrs Woog, Edenland and Kerri Sackville all came to Qatar

Laying on the couch at the Problogger conference (sans make-up, apologies if I gave you a fright)I arrived in my hotel room at the beginning of our travels with a very clunky dell laptop, and a dial up internet connection that was both unreliable and hugely expensive.It was January 2000.These were the days when you thought of everything you needed … [Read more...]

See That Woman Up There

When we began our travels all those years ago, there was talk of an Australian female politician. A red head, a strong woman with a nasal Australian accent. G and I were constantly surprised by how many people knew her name.Pauline Hanson.It was embarrassing. Conversations would begin at dinners."You're Australian? Oh, what do you think of that … [Read more...]

Who Does She Think She Is?

At thirteen she filled in her first personality test. Who do you think you are? Tick a, b or c. She was sure the crumpled teen magazine would expose the truth. Her pen hovered over the options. What would the person I'd like to be say? If you were to scratch the surface of her skin, you could almost see her nerve endings twitching with anxiety. Too … [Read more...]

Spoons with Hair.

Last year when I returned to Australia for the school holidays, I turned on the television and was greeted by a large number of spoons with hair. Women who I had identified with for most of my life, were looking a little "unusual". They were shiny, smooth replicas of themselves. The men? The men looked exactly the same, just a little older. Oh hang … [Read more...]

Just Call Me Beagle.

Yesterday, after taking the little travelers to school, I walked in through the front door and found the beagle standing on the dining room table. To get in this position she has to stand on the couch and leap across the room. I know this because I caught her mid flight last week. The beagle is not a lap dog, the beagle is a mid sized dog. She … [Read more...]

Did you make that?

I grew up in a house with a mother who suffered from serious craft envy. Anyone who could sew a dress, decorate a cake or stencil a t-shirt, was in her mind, truly gifted. Even though she had proven her strengths in other areas, craft skills or anything slightly creative eluded my mother. It wasn't as if she didn't try. Our cupboards were full of … [Read more...]

The best place to be a Mother

So, the best place to be a mother is Norway. If you're in Australia and Iceland, don't panic, you're equal second. Britain, you're number 10, Canada comes in 20th and America, how times have changed, America, you're number 31. According to a study released this week, from the 12th Annual Save the Children's Mothers index, which measures the … [Read more...]

When are we allowed to get old?

Ask any little girl how old she is and its highly probable the answer will involve how old she'd like to be or is about to be. She's never just six, she's six and a half. My ten year old is constantly reminding me that she is soon to be eleven. Do you remember that feeling? Desperately wanting to be older? Dreaming about the freedom each milestone … [Read more...]

Which Mum are you?

Arrive at any school concert and you can start making assumptions, a quick scan of the room will have you picking the stereotypical Mums from the crowd. There's the heavily involved school Mum, showing people where to sit or helping out behind the scenes. There's Gym Mum, dressed in lycra, ready to recite her latest half marathon stats. Working Mum … [Read more...]

So what do you do all day?

Have you heard the story about the man who came home from work and found garbage strewn all over his front lawn. His hungry, dirty, children were waiting for him on the front doorstep, one of them was holding a sharp kitchen knife trying to wedge open a jar of Nutella.When he walked inside, he couldn't believe it, the house was almost … [Read more...]