The best place to be a Mother

So, the best place to be a mother is Norway. If you're in Australia and Iceland, don't panic, you're equal second. Britain, you're number 10, Canada comes in 20th and America, how times have changed, America, you're number 31. According to a study released this week, from the 12th Annual Save the Children's Mothers index, which measures the … [Read more...]

The wrong way to say Goodbye

From the moment we met, we started saying goodbye. It started with small trips to Melbourne and Perth, we had long phone calls, lots of giggling, "what are you wearing?"I'd drive him to the airport and find a message on my answering machine by the time I arrived home. We quickly became engaged. A few weeks later he had to go to Canada,  he wrote me … [Read more...]

What are you packing?

I was standing in the basement of our new Canadian home surrounded by boxes. We were down to the left over boxes, the ones without an obvious home. Glasses/cutlery went in the kitchen and sheets/blankets in the linen press, but these were the boxes that had missed a label. It was all the "stuff" that came from the back of the cupboards in our last … [Read more...]

The Traveling Tampon

Have you ever stood in a supermarket line with a years supply of tampons? Ever had to declare your tampons at customs? Or perhaps you've stood in a crowded foreign airport (using a mixture of broken English and sign language) explaining what you do with your tampons and why you're currently carrying hundreds of them? If the answer is yes, chances … [Read more...]