Just you wait until you have children

I'm guessing I was about 8 when I recorded one of my worst "just you wait until you have children" Karma violations. I was sitting on my mothers bed, watching her change from her office clothes in to her now I'm going to clean the house, hang out the washing and cook you all dinner clothes.In a chirpy, clueless voice I enquired with genuine … [Read more...]

Mean Girls

I've never been much of a "forward planner" (which is probably how I ended up with four children in just under six years). I don't always have a good scope of the long term picture but I cant help but wonder if anyone really understands the repercussions when we decide to have a baby? Does anyone really foresee how these tiny little people somehow … [Read more...]

Back to School

On the eve of the the little travelers first day at their new school, I am awake at midnight with a tightness in my stomach. I'm nervous for them. The first day at a new school is more than tough and as much as number 1 can't wait to get there I know the bravado will curtail as the reality sinks in. Number 2 doesn't provide any facade, she has made … [Read more...]