There are children of 71 different nationalities at the little travelers school. During International week, the youngest and eldest child representing each nationality, line up and enter the gymnasium to an avalanche of cheers. Remember how passionately you cheered at school? These guys stamp their feet, clap, whistle and "woot". You can't help but … [Read more...]

This Could Be Your Year

"I just want this year to be over"A girlfriend of mine has had a completely crapola year. It began with the cliche discovery of a text on her husband's phone, and then somehow she gained a starring role in his midlife crises. The past six months have been more than a train wreck, the train not only derailed, it exploded, and a series of events have … [Read more...]

Machine Guns at Recess

It was dark when we realized the fourth little traveler had left his backpack at school. It's a strange feeling doing the school run at 7pm. The feel of a school changes dramatically when it doesn't have any children. The corridors become eery, it's too quiet and empty. Playgrounds are barren and classrooms are lifeless.The fourth little traveler … [Read more...]

The Field Trip

In my early years of parenting I went on every field/class trip, I was new to the game - or as my Kindergarten teacher girlfriend once said "fresh meat". I thought a trip to the zoo with forty or so, five year olds sounded like fun - a chance to connect with my child and her new friends. I pictured it as an opportunity to get to know the teachers … [Read more...]

Lost in Translation

The little travelers all attended a French Immersion School during our time in Canada. This meant that by the time the eldest little traveler was in Grade 1 all classes were spoken in only French. Homework was excruciating for G and I, we were both non speakers and struggled to help out. By the time she hit Grade 3 we were well and truly out of our … [Read more...]

Party Rockers in the Band Tonight.

Remember the Trombone Suicide post?There was a lot of discussion about who played what, where and when. My favourite comment on the blog post was from the mother of one of the boys in the clip "my son is the one in the video...and I am the proudest Mom in the world". Is there anything better than watching your child from the bleachers? Whether it's … [Read more...]

Bracket Explanations

My phone list is full of bracket explanation contacts, bracket explanation contacts look like this, Lucy  (Mathew's Mum) and Susan  (Lauren's Mum). There is the occasional smattering of Dave - (Sarah's Dad) but mostly it's Mums. They're women I've met through my children. People who I've sat at a swimming lesson or a school gate with and they've … [Read more...]

Lunch Monitors

The Second Little Traveller wandered in to the bustling School Cafeteria yesterday and immediately noticed that something was terribly wrong. An injustice was happening right in front of her. There in the line, the line for the much coveted "hot lunch" was her brother, the Third Little Traveller. She quickly turned to her friend and asked "it's … [Read more...]

Trombone Suicide

The First Little Traveller has just started Grade 6. She has entered the world of Middle School and life as we know it has changed. It appears there are some new rules. She now enters through a new gate, eats with the bigger kids in the Cafeteria and wears lipgloss (I'm choosing my battles people, it could be fishnets and a boob tube).In the old … [Read more...]

If you’re going to be me tomorrow……

Imagine if you had to give up your life for one day and hand it over to someone else. What would you tell them? What advice/instruction would you provide to get through the day. I'm taking part in a writing workshop this week. It's both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I could sit and listen to my classmates stories for hours but my … [Read more...]