Wynton Marsalis and his Horn

If you google "who is the best trumpet player in the world?" the name Wynton Marsalis makes a very healthy appearance on the page. It took me about 30 seconds to respond to the email from the little traveller's school, Wynton was coming to Doha and had agreed to give a short performance in the High School theatre.We were in.There was only one thing … [Read more...]

The Fine Print in Your Passport

If you look closely in your passport, you'll discover the fine print. The tiny declaration that somehow lifts from the page and lands firmly in the centre of your brain as you step foot on foreign soil. The fine print that declares that you have just become a self appointed ambassador for your country.It will begin slowly. You'll realize in your … [Read more...]


The normal continues. The dentist, the doctors, the school drop offs, the packing of suitcases for the school holidays. It's the not normal though, the not normal jumps in front of our faces, stopping us in our tracks.The first little traveler had an orthodontist appointment this morning. They rang us to say we had to go to a different venue. In … [Read more...]


The second little traveler wanted to wear a blue headband this morning. She had a pink one, a purple one, and a rainbow one in her hand - but she didn't want to wear them, she wanted to wear the blue one. We couldn't find it. I could see by the expression on her face that it was about to become an issue. The second little traveler is not known for … [Read more...]

No Words

We wandered around as if we'd been sedated. Grocery shopping and school drop offs were done quietly, hugs at the school gate lasted longer. I stood in the vegetable section of the supermarket and watched people cry with strangers, they shook their heads and agreed that there were no words. A girlfriend of mine sat down next to me and said "I'm not … [Read more...]

Numb with Grief

When the first little traveler was nearly two I decided to search for some child care options. My pregnancy with the second little traveler was proving to be a physical challenge that I wasn't winning. Each morning I would kneel in front of the toilet while the first traveler patted my back saying "You okay Mummy? I sing you song?" I'd lost about 8 … [Read more...]

She seemed fine.

She seemed fine.Her little girl was sitting next to her, both of them squashed in to a single lounge chair in a coffee shop. While the other children raced in and out of the chairs her little girl snuggled in next to her, both of them sharing a muffin.She leaned across me to thank someone, she told them they could have their car seat back."Oh! Has … [Read more...]

Snouts in the Trough

The rumors had been circulating for months. Pork was coming to Doha. The non muslim population began speculating over the possibility of bacon and eggs for breakfast. They salivated while thinking about sausages on BBQ's. There would be no more turkey bacon, or chicken masquerading as ham in sandwiches.On Sunday I saw a Facebook update about … [Read more...]

Do you want to go to the movies?

Doha begins to tease us in October, the sun loses some of it's fierceness and we begin choose to sit alfresco in the evenings. It's amazing what a few "moderate" days of weather can do, suddenly the scorching summer is forgotten and we begin to talk about the spectacular weather that lay ahead.Last October may have been my best October yet. There … [Read more...]

Lunch Monitors

The Second Little Traveller wandered in to the bustling School Cafeteria yesterday and immediately noticed that something was terribly wrong. An injustice was happening right in front of her. There in the line, the line for the much coveted "hot lunch" was her brother, the Third Little Traveller. She quickly turned to her friend and asked "it's … [Read more...]