Why Parents Have To Be Embarrassing

There are many ways a parent can embarrass their child. For those of you planning a family, or those with toddlers, you won't have long to wait. It's a move that arrives early in the game of parenting. Perhaps while you're at the park, enjoying a picnic. You notice a familiar face from school and realize you're one short for a balanced see-saw. … [Read more...]

Halfway Hair

As a child dinner time provided a slightly OCD focussed routine. I ate all the bits that didn't appeal to my taste buds first, and saved my favourites until last. First came the peas, carrots and whatever green offering was provided, meat and potatoes were saved until last. My grandmother had shared her thigh enhancing dob of butter difference, … [Read more...]

What Are All Of These Mothers Worried About?

On Sunday morning I clicked on a piece by Jane Caro, she shared her opinion on over-mothering. I really enjoyed the piece, it was something I identified with and I thought about its context for a few moments. I wondered how Jane would go now if her children were 3 and 5, as opposed to being the adults they've grown into. Who knows? I scrolled … [Read more...]

The Very Worst And The Best Of Us

"Our children, they are the very worst of us and the best of us" The Way It's so easy to see the best in our children. I've sat on the sidelines of various activities, marveling over their individual personalities. The pieces of our family jigsaw that have nothing to do with G or I. The bits that are simply, them. I'm not sure that either … [Read more...]

So Bloody Spoilt.

As a child who grew up in the county, hotel stays were few and far between. In the early years, a trip to the city meant camping out in Aunty Ivy's living room. A few years on and we'd graduated to renting a flat by the beach for a week over the summer. There were family negotiations that were made "you can have a video recorder or we can go to … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips For Flying With Babies

I had no idea why G was freaking out, I figured it would all fit in a suitcaseIt's getting close to holiday season, and I imagine for many of you this involves some travelling to see family and friends. For some it's a visit to the next suburb, for others it may require getting on a plane. Those of you who are travelling with babies know that … [Read more...]

It’s Oh So Quiet.

Remember the Bjork song?It's oh, so, quiet.It's oh, so, still.You're all alone.And so peaceful until.My phone sent me a reminder.Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month.It's not my message, it's the first little travellers. Our technology syncs and I'm constantly reminded of her world. Pinches and punches, Talking Tom, and Kik.The second … [Read more...]

Universal Parenting

Years ago in Jakarta, when I was deep in parenting books and spending just a little bit too much time obsessing over my very precious newborn, I joined a baby group.When I look back I actually cringe at how intense I was with my perfect little traveller. I think I may have been that woman. The one who cornered you at the coffee shop and told you … [Read more...]

What About The Children?

I am often asked if I'm worried about the effect travelling will have on our children. It's not the groovy travel that people appear to be worried about. Holidays it seems, are deemed by society to be okay, you know, because everyone does that. The worry I'm meant to have, is the worry about them being psychologically scarred by mine and G's choice … [Read more...]

Mum’s On Leave.

If job titles were handed out in families, I would immediately claim mine as Operations Manager. G and I work very much as a team but when it comes to the day to day machinations of Chez Shamozal, all requests and schedules land on my desk.I knew travelling home for this operation would require a temporary leave of absence. I had to pass on the … [Read more...]