There was just nothing, but home.

My mother was a city girl.If there's one story I heard when I was growing up, oh, let me see, perhaps three hundred and sixty thousand times? It was the story of my mothers first trip to Renmark. It's not so much a story, but a moment. The moment when the bus made its way out of the city, and headed north to the top of Accommodation Hill, which is … [Read more...]

Bracket Explanations

My phone list is full of bracket explanation contacts, bracket explanation contacts look like this, Lucy  (Mathew's Mum) and Susan  (Lauren's Mum). There is the occasional smattering of Dave - (Sarah's Dad) but mostly it's Mums. They're women I've met through my children. People who I've sat at a swimming lesson or a school gate with and they've … [Read more...]