The Plan is…

If I need to settle a traveler, to calm or comfort them, the story of their birth is always a sure thing. They love it. The second little traveler loves her story because it involves just her and I. I see her eyes light up when I say "It was just you and me together in the hospital in Kuala Lumpur. We did it together. Every time I got frightened … [Read more...]

She seemed fine.

She seemed fine.Her little girl was sitting next to her, both of them squashed in to a single lounge chair in a coffee shop. While the other children raced in and out of the chairs her little girl snuggled in next to her, both of them sharing a muffin.She leaned across me to thank someone, she told them they could have their car seat back."Oh! Has … [Read more...]

The Other Stuff

Our house in Libya was one of my favourites. Sure, it had a resident rat living in the clothes dryer pipe, a very inconsistent electricity source and random pipes that would burst causing water to inexplicably shoot through a wall at any given hour of the day - but I loved that house. A lot happened in that house.When our shipment arrived in … [Read more...]

What are you packing?

I was standing in the basement of our new Canadian home surrounded by boxes. We were down to the left over boxes, the ones without an obvious home. Glasses/cutlery went in the kitchen and sheets/blankets in the linen press, but these were the boxes that had missed a label. It was all the "stuff" that came from the back of the cupboards in our last … [Read more...]

Let’s get moving

The scene is very clear in my mind, one of those moments in time you remember so well you can smell and almost feel it when it comes back to visit you. I was 9 months pregnant with our 2nd little traveler, we were living in Malaysia and it had been the pregnancy from hell. I'd lost 10 kilo's. Going to the obstetrician was similar to going to a … [Read more...]

Back to School

On the eve of the the little travelers first day at their new school, I am awake at midnight with a tightness in my stomach. I'm nervous for them. The first day at a new school is more than tough and as much as number 1 can't wait to get there I know the bravado will curtail as the reality sinks in. Number 2 doesn't provide any facade, she has made … [Read more...]