Don’t Forget You’re Fabulous

I was scrolling my way through a lazy Saturday afternoon when a picture of an unusually buxom woman popped up on my screen. My first thought was, those boobs can't be real? They were of the coconut shell cut in half variety. She was striking a pose. A familiar selfie taken in front of a mirror with a smart phone. I have fashion blogger friends who … [Read more...]

Halfway Hair

As a child dinner time provided a slightly OCD focussed routine. I ate all the bits that didn't appeal to my taste buds first, and saved my favourites until last. First came the peas, carrots and whatever green offering was provided, meat and potatoes were saved until last. My grandmother had shared her thigh enhancing dob of butter difference, … [Read more...]

It’s Oh So Quiet.

Remember the Bjork song?It's oh, so, quiet.It's oh, so, still.You're all alone.And so peaceful until.My phone sent me a reminder.Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month.It's not my message, it's the first little travellers. Our technology syncs and I'm constantly reminded of her world. Pinches and punches, Talking Tom, and Kik.The second … [Read more...]

Universal Parenting

Years ago in Jakarta, when I was deep in parenting books and spending just a little bit too much time obsessing over my very precious newborn, I joined a baby group.When I look back I actually cringe at how intense I was with my perfect little traveller. I think I may have been that woman. The one who cornered you at the coffee shop and told you … [Read more...]

Keeping Up With Your Job Description

The little travelers play a game when they're stuck in the car. They call it submarine. They pretend that the car has the capacity to turn itself into an underwater vessel that if necessary, can easily "hide" itself in the ocean. Immediately after someone decides to start a game of submarine all four travelers become animated, everyone begins to … [Read more...]

Two Hours and Fifty Two Minutes

The conversations that were filled with nothing, but meaning everything, began when I went to boarding school. I would gather the 20 cent pieces from the side of my school bag and make my way through the poorly lit corridors towards the office. When I wasn't ringing her, she was ringing me, a voice would carry through the stairwell "phone call for … [Read more...]

Life Affirming Sumo Knickers

The first little traveler has a piece of paper strategically placed next to her bed. It has a little magnetic ball which keeps it stuck to the stand of her bedside lamp. On the piece of paper she has written these words. "I am not perfect and never will be. And neither will anyone else! We can only be ourselves." When I discovered the note I … [Read more...]

The Best Advice.

  At the birthday party of a ten year old girl, a group of mothers looked on anxiously while talking about their children. While the little girls danced to Taylor Swift and compared their collection of silly bands, the mothers were deep in discussion. "How long did you breastfeed for? Was it exclusive or did you supplement with a … [Read more...]

I kept my children a secret

I was 31 when I had my first child. We'd been living in Jakarta for 5 months when she was born. I was a long way from family but I had an amazing support network of friends and fellow new mothers to talk to. When I think about how we got together for coffee while talking about nappy rash, boobs and bottles - I also remember a lot of conversations … [Read more...]

Look at Moi – I’m Parenting

There's a new family at our school. They're Australian and they have 5 children. When I told my husband about them, he feigned devastation. "You know what that means. We're no longer the Australians with the 4 kids, we've just become the Australians with the 4 kids who didn't try hard enough".I have often joked that 4 children in 6 years was an … [Read more...]