Little Digital Discoveries.

I think most parents could fill an entire hard drive titled Things I found on my computer, phone, or ipad that I had nothing to do with.Little digital presents, from little digital children.The Little Travellers do not have an iPad.I do.But every now and then they become a little confused about the word "my" and mistake it for the word "our".This … [Read more...]


There are children of 71 different nationalities at the little travelers school. During International week, the youngest and eldest child representing each nationality, line up and enter the gymnasium to an avalanche of cheers. Remember how passionately you cheered at school? These guys stamp their feet, clap, whistle and "woot". You can't help but … [Read more...]

This Could Be Your Year

"I just want this year to be over"A girlfriend of mine has had a completely crapola year. It began with the cliche discovery of a text on her husband's phone, and then somehow she gained a starring role in his midlife crises. The past six months have been more than a train wreck, the train not only derailed, it exploded, and a series of events have … [Read more...]

Ask Me A Question

I'm not sure if it's appropriate to make light of your children while they are under the influence of drugs, but when the second little traveller had her latest ear operation, she came out of the operating theatre completely off her face.As they wheeled her out of the elevators she gave me a big swooping wave from the end of the corridor. … [Read more...]

What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?

There are some people on this planet who truly see the world as a beautiful place, people who have faith in humanity.Before I die I want to...I asked the children will varying amounts of success.The girls (my first and second little travellers) didn't like the question. The second threw her hands in the air and said "That's too hard, I want to do … [Read more...]