There are children of 71 different nationalities at the little travelers school. During International week, the youngest and eldest child representing each nationality, line up and enter the gymnasium to an avalanche of cheers. Remember how passionately you cheered at school? These guys stamp their feet, clap, whistle and "woot". You can't help but … [Read more...]

It’s time to evacuate

If you've watched the news recently you've probably caught glimpses of those who have fled. Thousands of people trying to cross a boarder in a scramble for safety. There's the reunion scenes at airports, husbands hugging wives for longer than usual, families re-united. Ever wondered what it's like to be evacuated? When we arrived in Jakarta eleven … [Read more...]

What are you celebrating?

Like most people, I'm a big fan of public holidays. Growing up in rural Australia meant we celebrated the bog standard Australian Public and Christian holidays, whether it was the Queens birthday, ANZAC day or Easter, I loved the anticipation that came with the lead up to a "long weekend".When I became an Expat, the holidays I had grown up with and … [Read more...]

My People

I was completely unaware I was feeling the way I was, until the tears came.For the past few weeks just about everyone I knew had asked what we were doing for Christmas. I'd cheerfully responded that we were staying in Doha. I'd listed the practicalities of how expensive it is to fly home, the excess baggage carrying presents back and forth, how … [Read more...]

Let’s get moving

The scene is very clear in my mind, one of those moments in time you remember so well you can smell and almost feel it when it comes back to visit you. I was 9 months pregnant with our 2nd little traveler, we were living in Malaysia and it had been the pregnancy from hell. I'd lost 10 kilo's. Going to the obstetrician was similar to going to a … [Read more...]

The Expat Woman

Expat women have a terrible reputation. Gin swilling, lazy, diamond dripping, drunk by lunch time, double kissing, designer handbag owning, do I need to go on? "In my next life I'm coming back as an expat wife" scoffed a middle aged man at my partner's Christmas party. We'd just agreed to head to Jakarta - from our Australian home.  Over the … [Read more...]

An Australian Malteser in Doha

The Little Travelers were all born in different countries.  I think a lot of people expect that if you were born in Malaysia or Malta you would automatically qualify for a passport. Unfortunately not, it's quite the opposite. Sitting in my hospital bed, shortly after delivering our daughter in Kuala Lumpur I was brought a form to sign. When I asked … [Read more...]