Coffee With The Ladies

This is a sponsored post, but it's also a little story... When it came to children and putting them into some sort of organized care, I definitely got it all arse backwards. The first little traveller initially wasn't keen. I'd found a spot for her at a really cute little preschool two mornings a week when I was pregnant with my second little … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Slam

This morning as we pulled up at the school gate the fourth little traveller realized he had forgotten something. Was it his lunch? No. Was it his drink bottle? No. Was it his daily folder? No.He had forgotten the whole freaking lot. He had forgotten his school bag.One thing. He has one thing to carry to the car in the morning.He then decided he … [Read more...]

You Just Know When You’re Done.

We were sure we didn't want another child. I sat outside with our neighbours in Canada, baby monitor in one hand, glass of wine in the other and declared "We're done, three is our limit". Everyone agreed, one of the neighbours said "you just know when you're done, don't you" it was a statement, not a question. And I did. I was done.For about six … [Read more...]