The little travellers are home from school today. They are having "virtual" school day. It's a practice run for the next H1N1 or SARS epidemic, for when the school gets shut down and everyone is expected to work from home.Such a lovely thought.I'm not sure what terrifies me more, a viral epidemic of epic proportions, or home schooling.We are having … [Read more...]

Pâté Moments

A girlfriend of mine once told me that the reason G and I were still so happily together, was because he travelled a lot. "I'd love it if my husband went somewhere. Anywhere!" she said with her hands gripped in  prayer. I understood what she meant when she spoke of her dreams of eggs on toast for dinner and full control over the remote on the … [Read more...]

The Frog Connoisseur

There were frogs that were kissed, many of them.  Slippery, untrustworthy, slimy, frogs. Frogs with girlfriends, frogs with bad intentions, frogs who said 'chill out, we're just frogs being frogs'.The charming frogs, left you with wounds which required time to heal.Unrequited love.Drunk dials.I love you, but...You sat with girlfriends and told frog … [Read more...]

Relaxing the Ying

Although he's understandably tired, it's fair to say G is proving to be very good at parenting without me. In fact it wouldn't be unfair to suggest he's taken it a step further. Some may say, well, I think he's just showing off now.I'm told there are no more last minute dashes to school. The little travellers have let me know that when you go with … [Read more...]

The Steeplechase

London 1908 - SteeplechaseIn the background, hovering, is the fact that I'm leaving at the end of the month. It's everywhere, it lays dormant until someone mentions an event that's coming up "oh, no, I can't come but G can, I wont be here" and then it's there, smack, right in your face.G and I continue to get busier and busier, which means there's … [Read more...]

Hitting the Jackpot – And Heading to Crazytown

I was rummaging through the bathroom cabinet in the midst of a cleaning frenzy when I found the note. I can't remember the woman's name, but there it was, scribbled in biro with her phone number underneath. A gamut of emotions and thoughts rolled quickly through my mind. Feelings raced in circles like a slot machines apples, lemons and oranges, … [Read more...]

This Could Be Your Year

"I just want this year to be over"A girlfriend of mine has had a completely crapola year. It began with the cliche discovery of a text on her husband's phone, and then somehow she gained a starring role in his midlife crises. The past six months have been more than a train wreck, the train not only derailed, it exploded, and a series of events have … [Read more...]

Keep Your Eyes in the Sky

It doesn't get any easier.Without fail G's last day in town always involves a small drama or some form of internalized tension. The tone in the house changes as his bag begins to be packed, the little travelers change mood and I begin to subconsciously make the mental list of what we thought we'd get done but didn't. And then there's the inevitable … [Read more...]

Would You Like Forks With That?

In the olden days, when I was a girl growing up in a small country town in South Australia, Friday night was the night the town came alive. In a world before weekend trading and online banking, farmers and fruit growers would make a special trip in to town to do the banking and shopping. The highlight for me was not the quick stop we made at the … [Read more...]