New friends – Old friends – No friends – Repeat

We sold our house in Houston on the first day it hit the market. We couldn't believe it. We were the god and goddess of house selling. After the second bottle of champagne and the fifteenth self congratulatory pat on the back, we went to bed ten feet taller and completely bullet proof. And then the sale fell apart. We had two weeks before we … [Read more...]

Special Guests.

We're a little bit excited here in Doha, we have guests arriving from Australia on Monday. In an episode of Love Boat - this would be a definite "special guests" week. I met Krissy when I was 15, ahem, just a couple of years ago, when we were heading off with a mutual friend on a Easter camping trip. I can't remember too many of the details. It was … [Read more...]

Let’s get moving

The scene is very clear in my mind, one of those moments in time you remember so well you can smell and almost feel it when it comes back to visit you. I was 9 months pregnant with our 2nd little traveler, we were living in Malaysia and it had been the pregnancy from hell. I'd lost 10 kilo's. Going to the obstetrician was similar to going to a … [Read more...]

5 Beauty tips for a shamozal free day

I have somehow ended up on a mailing list for daily beauty tips. Each day for the past week I've received emails with titles such as "when is it too young for botox" (I'm guessing maybe six or seven, I mean the aging process between grades 1 and 2 is brutal) and "how to get dramatic eyes" (perhaps by not taking yesterday's make up off)?Today I … [Read more...]

Twitter – my dirty little secret

My name's Kirsty................and I'm twitaholic.It all began innocently on the Australian election day. I was far from home and started trawling the news sites searching for polling results,  I noticed a tweet link to the incredibly talented Aussie political journalist, Annabel Crabb.  I was going to just have a quick look.  I mean, ahem, I have … [Read more...]

Where was I born?

We were in Malta. We'd rented an apartment with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean in a town called Sliema. The Mediterranean part was great. The leaky pipes, moldy bathroom and dodgy elevator (we were on the 6th floor) was not so great. I didn't care though, we weren't in Libya anymore and we'd made it. Safe. We'd flown in the morning … [Read more...]

Back to School

On the eve of the the little travelers first day at their new school, I am awake at midnight with a tightness in my stomach. I'm nervous for them. The first day at a new school is more than tough and as much as number 1 can't wait to get there I know the bravado will curtail as the reality sinks in. Number 2 doesn't provide any facade, she has made … [Read more...]