Posh Shopping

When we lived in Libya we were the healthiest we'd ever been in our lives. We shopped at the bakery for bread, the vegetable stand for produce and the butchers for meat. Any thing else came from a small grocery store. It was back to basics. There was no McDonalds, no Pizza Hut, we were pretty well preservative free, and of course, there was no pub … [Read more...]

Just Call Me Beagle.

Yesterday, after taking the little travelers to school, I walked in through the front door and found the beagle standing on the dining room table. To get in this position she has to stand on the couch and leap across the room. I know this because I caught her mid flight last week. The beagle is not a lap dog, the beagle is a mid sized dog. She … [Read more...]

What are you packing?

I was standing in the basement of our new Canadian home surrounded by boxes. We were down to the left over boxes, the ones without an obvious home. Glasses/cutlery went in the kitchen and sheets/blankets in the linen press, but these were the boxes that had missed a label. It was all the "stuff" that came from the back of the cupboards in our last … [Read more...]

Have you tried the cock flavoured noodles?

Reading a menu can be tricky when you're traveling. It can be as simple as prawns versus shrimp, eggplant versus aubergine or the ever controversial coriander versus cilantro. Globally, we all have our different way of saying things. Where it can get really interesting though, is when the English translation just doesn't translate. In … [Read more...]