Corridors with Life.

I'm at Granny Max's house. It's one of those old Australian country houses with an enclosed verandah and jarrah wooden floorboards. It has beautiful old rooms separated by big thick stone walls, rooms which have become the home of family events. There's a dining room (Christmas and big family gatherings), a formal lounge (barely used) and another … [Read more...]

Repatriation. Are you ready?

There's a new question. The new question is really getting up my nose because I'm pretty sure there's no answer. And if there is an answer, I probably won't know it, until it becomes irrelevant.Years ago, when living in Canada, we had friends visit from Australia. The topic of children and travel made its way into the conversation, and then more … [Read more...]

Trombone Suicide

The First Little Traveller has just started Grade 6. She has entered the world of Middle School and life as we know it has changed. It appears there are some new rules. She now enters through a new gate, eats with the bigger kids in the Cafeteria and wears lipgloss (I'm choosing my battles people, it could be fishnets and a boob tube).In the old … [Read more...]