If I were a Mummy Blogger in Afghanistan…

If I were a Mummy Blogger in Afghanistan, it's possible I'd like to write about the same issues women all over the world write about each day. Perhaps, like many other bloggers, I'd talk about the daily grind of finding the balance of motherhood and career. I'd write about vaccinations, schooling, control underwear and whether we could afford the … [Read more...]

Hotel Cyberspace

There were four little girls dancing in the lounge room, we must have been eight or nine. We were all giggling, music turned up, making up our own signature dances "you do this and then I'll go like this and then you clap your hands". That sort of thing. In the middle of all the fun, my mother arrived at the back door and said we had to head … [Read more...]

Losing your dignity in Doha

It was a day of performances. The first performance involved G and I sitting in the front row of the elementary school music room. With grins from ear to ear, we watched the second little traveler play Grandma in Little Red Riding Hood. She was fantastic. She was particularly fantastic because she suffers from incredible stage fright.G and I had … [Read more...]

Hi, my name’s Kirsty and I’m a……………….

The Qatar Professional Women's Network became desperate, they needed a speaker, and after scraping the bottom of the barrel, up I popped, in a sparkly top with jazz hands, okay so I had a sparkly top, but my jazz hands didn't make an appearance (it was a dry event).It was one of those great Doha nights, a sea of headscarfs, suits, saris and abayas. … [Read more...]

She done good with those pies.

It all started with a picture of my lamb pies. I'd spent the morning baking with the children and was feeling very proud of my culinary achievements. If you had seen some of my previous cooking efforts you'd understand why. Perhaps I was overly excited when I decided to share my lamb pies with the world on Facebook, but I was very, VERY proud of my … [Read more...]

Do you know Elle McPherson?

Every Australian who has traveled overseas has been asked or told at least one dumb thing about Australia. Do we speak English? Are there really kangaroos hopping down the street? My personal favourite so far  "Do you have the internet in Australia"?Canadians still get asked if they live in igloos, Brits are offered tea at breakfast because "we … [Read more...]

The Press Room

I've always had a bit of a love affair with journalists. Throughout my 20's I surrounded myself with girlfriends who worked in media. I could try and tell you it was because I'd always had a love of news and sharing a yarn but I think it may have been more the fact that most Journo's shared my love of a drink and they never wanted to go home … [Read more...]