Top 10 Tips For Flying With Babies

I had no idea why G was freaking out, I figured it would all fit in a suitcaseIt's getting close to holiday season, and I imagine for many of you this involves some travelling to see family and friends. For some it's a visit to the next suburb, for others it may require getting on a plane. Those of you who are travelling with babies know that … [Read more...]

The best place to be a Mother

So, the best place to be a mother is Norway. If you're in Australia and Iceland, don't panic, you're equal second. Britain, you're number 10, Canada comes in 20th and America, how times have changed, America, you're number 31. According to a study released this week, from the 12th Annual Save the Children's Mothers index, which measures the … [Read more...]

5 Beauty tips for a shamozal free day

I have somehow ended up on a mailing list for daily beauty tips. Each day for the past week I've received emails with titles such as "when is it too young for botox" (I'm guessing maybe six or seven, I mean the aging process between grades 1 and 2 is brutal) and "how to get dramatic eyes" (perhaps by not taking yesterday's make up off)?Today I … [Read more...]

"There’s poo on my tie"

Yesterday was G's birthday. Here's the shot taken just after he blew out the candles. G's birthday falls on Halloween so his birthday dinner is always a little chaotic, set amongst a stream of trick or treaters while the beagle barks incessantly at the doorbell.The picture was taken on my iphone. It's not like we don't own one of those HUGE … [Read more...]

Where was I born?

We were in Malta. We'd rented an apartment with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean in a town called Sliema. The Mediterranean part was great. The leaky pipes, moldy bathroom and dodgy elevator (we were on the 6th floor) was not so great. I didn't care though, we weren't in Libya anymore and we'd made it. Safe. We'd flown in the morning … [Read more...]