The girl in the green dress (except it’s not, it’s a shalwar khameez)

In December last year I wrote about "the girl in the green dress". I'd seen her picture that day in the New York Times and like everyone else, I was horrified. I'm not saying that lightly like "jeez I was horrified by the price of my electricity bill." I mean shocked, stunned, loss of breath, horrified. Which is exactly why photographer Massoud … [Read more...]

If I were a Mummy Blogger in Afghanistan…

If I were a Mummy Blogger in Afghanistan, it's possible I'd like to write about the same issues women all over the world write about each day. Perhaps, like many other bloggers, I'd talk about the daily grind of finding the balance of motherhood and career. I'd write about vaccinations, schooling, control underwear and whether we could afford the … [Read more...]