Be More Like Mo

I know I’ve told the story here before, maybe in a blog post? The story about the mate of mine who was telling me about a guy who he works with. Let’s call the guy Mo.
Every Thursday night Mo who has lived most of his life in the Middle East, gets together with a few of his mates with a really specific purpose. Mo is muslim, and he makes a point to get together with three of his mates who are all of a different religion: one is Christian, the other is Hindu, and the other is a Buddhist. Mo explained that the whole reason they get together is not only to understand each other, but to understand themselves. I’m paraphrasing obviously but he said something like “the best way to understand your own beliefs is to have someone question them, then you have to find the answers”.
I watched a video of Maria Shriver the day after the election. Maria is obviously a democrat and she said the first thing she did on Wednesday morning was ring her Republican friends and ask them to explain it to her. What am I missing?
In the expat world we are constantly surrounded by different cultures, views, religions and attitudes. While it’s easy to live on your own Facebook page and believe that the entire world feels like you do – every now and then we’re given a good slap in the face as a reminder that it’s not the case. 
This wonderful expat life gives us all the opportunities to ask questions, look for understanding and ask, what am I missing? Explain it to me. Help me find the answers.
I suck at all of the above. I get emotional. I butt in. I’m quick to judge, and I’m hurt easily.  Oh to be more like Mo. When I grow up – I want to be just like Mo.

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  1. Hi Kirsty, long time reader/listener first time commenter…I love Mo…We should all be more like Mo. Nice read. xxx

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