Pooper Macho


I have a couple of essays due in the next couple of weeks, this means that I will find just about anything else to do rather than research my essay topics.

This morning was a cracker.

After what started as an initial search on “how do you pronounce Nguyen”  I realized there was a man out there who was even better at finding ridiculous things to do with his time than me.

Check this out, I’m wondering if there’s someone out there who’s diligently practicing their English each day by using these clips.



I know, enough, I’m going to do some proper work now.


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  1. Corinne Rochette says

    Love the pooper macho!! Thanks for a good laugh!!

  2. Snap! My study procrastination google was “when did Jesus die after he rose again?”

  3. Mermaidinthesand says

    I loved the Bolog nazi 😀 Will make me giggle everytime I’m cooking up a batch!

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