Now that’s what you call a big tractor


G and I went out with my girlfriend Cath for dinner on Friday night, being our last weekend in Australia it was a feast of Last Supper proportions. After we’d rolled home I beached myself on the couchΒ in a semi comatose state andΒ glanced down at my phone. I’d had over 100 notifications on the Facebook page for the blog which seemed like a lot for a Friday night.

“I wish I understood more about how this all works, the Facebook page has over 100 new likes and I have no idea why there’s been such an influx in one day.”

G and Cath tried to feign an interest.

“Doesn’t it tell you where they came from? How they found you?”

“Nope, I can just see their faces, where they’re living, that’s it.”

I wanted more of a formal introduction, maybe a little note from Facebook “Hi Kirsty this is Frances, she used to live in Beirut but now she’s in Moscow. Frances has a friend called Trina who is an Aussie based in Bangkok. Trina shared a post of yours and Frances saw it and thought she’d start following you. Frances’s favourite style of food is Vietnamese and her drink of choice is a chilled glass of bubbles, you’d really like her, you have the same ballet flats and she also grinds her teeth, isn’t that a coincidence?”

Alas no, there were no details on Frances. I clicked on her lovely face, thought about sending her a message to say thanks for popping by but then realized Frances may think I’m a bit of a stalker. Β I do that with just about every Facebook “liker” hover of their face, think about asking them where their gorgeous cover photo was taken and then realize I sound a little bit creepy. “Hey, where are you standing in that photo with the mountains behind you?” Would it freak you out if I sent you a message like that?

When I returned to Doha yesterday I got to work on getting back to the blog. The lovely Kelly Exeter had moved the blog from Blogger to WordPress over the holiday and I’m still finding my way. I went back to my old Blogspot address to see if I could work a few things out and noticed there had been an inordinate amount of traffic from Mamamia – and then it all made sense. A post about Expat Women had somehow began circulating again, this one here, at last count had been shared on Facebook about 22,000 times in past week.

I know that for some 22,000 isn’t really a very big number, but for a girl who grew up in a town of 7,500, it’s a shedload. It’s like my town, the town next door and two towns on from that. It’s like pageant night or the Riverland Dingy Derby and the Field and Gadget Days combined!

Now, if we were at the Riverland Field and Gadget Days I could just wander over to you and strike up a chat. I could express my love for your ballet flats, comment on the size of tractor you happened to be standing near “now THAT’S what you call a big tractor” I might say, but I’m feel like a weirdo if I comment on your cover photo on Facebook – what a strange world we live in.

Can you see where I’m going with this? Yep, I’m about to come over and stand next to you by the grain harvester. Would you indulge me? Can I entice you to leave a comment?

Where are you? What brought you here? Have you been here for ages or have you just arrived? If I was to be really hospitable, what would I have on the table? Preferred food? Drink of choice? If you could go anywhere on a holiday right now where would you go? I think I’d go on a safari in Africa, or maybe Italy, Cinque Terre.

Come and say hi, before I come and stalk you. πŸ™‚

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  1. Bex Jenkins says

    Hi Kirsty! I found you a while back through that Mamamia piece. I was a British expat in Oz, but have spent the last 18 months in Beijing, where I had my first baby. I love hearing how you juggle kids and expat life. Gives me hope I can manage! For stalking purposes, I’d love a glass of fizz, and I’m dreaming of a holiday in the sun in Sydney right now.

    • Hi Bex! 18 months in Beijing, nice one! Congrats on the baby, I have to admit I’m a little bit jealous, it’s true what they say about the days being long but the years whizzing by with little people. It feels like about 3 or 4 years ago that I was in Jakarta with my first bambino (she’s 13 now). Thank you so much for leaving a message. xxx

  2. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    *waves* No idea how I found you. Some link to link to link…… living in NE Vic heatwave at the moment. Give me snow any day…..

  3. Lucy Mulvany says

    You already know I found you years and years ago and I am so glad I did. Cream rises to the the top my lovely – I only ready a handful of blogs these days, and yours always is my fave. xxx

  4. Samantha White says

    Hi Kirsty! We talked outside Megamart one day when I had the guts to approach you. We chatted and laughed about the jewellery store in London your husband bought you that ring from. I was an expat kid, now an expat mum. Been in Doha nearly 8 years. Home is Perth. Would love to have a chin wag one day. Maybe next time I see you at Megamart…

    • You know, I thought I saw you again the other day, I was in the school car park but I remembered that your guys were at a different school. It was late, after either soccer or baseball practice – I went to wave and then stopped myself and then did that whole awkward I’m looking but not looking thing. πŸ™‚ Always happy to catch up, loved our chat xx

      • Samantha White says

        I’m at ASD nine sessions week with my girls’ swimming. I’m too shy to wave too! Let’s make a deal and wave next time! xx

  5. Virginia Ruth Janet May says

    Hi. I’m Virginia, I’m from Auckland, currently live in Brisbane, used to live in London, was almost born in Sydney and REALLY want to live in Seattle one day.
    From that introduction you can probably tell why I enjoy reading your blog.
    My parents lived in Hong Kong and Sydney before I was born, my Dad’s from South Africa and at last count has lived and worked in over 10 cities (some have been more than once though) and my Mum is a born and bred New Zealander.
    I don’t actually remember how I found you, it was about 18 months ago and I still get excited when you post a new piece, I REALLY love your blog.
    I have to say, right now if I could go on holiday anywhere it would probably either be Vancouver or London. Both currently have snow (as opposed to the horrible heat Aucklanders are SO not used to in Brisbane) and have the added advantage of family that I would really like to visit at the moment. That being said, in about a month when the heats died down a little I’ll probably say anywhere that has a beach.

  6. Hello Kirsty! You share the same name as one of my sisters, and I wish you would friend me up on Facebook so we could be facebook friends instead of “you know, that blogger I follow who lives in Qatar” when I drop you into conversation! I found you originally from a Mamamia piece (might’ve been the tampon one) and I had to know more! If you called around yesterday to our place in Sydney – well, Rockdale if you see the live feed when I’m here, you could’ve helped me polish off a bottle of Prosecco whilst hosting a little party for my 7 year old daughter!

  7. Simone Merrett says

    Hi Kirsty, I’ve been lurking around your blogs for a year or so now – love your style! Originally from Qld, I lived and worked in London for awhile and followed an Aussie back to Adelaide. 15 years and 2 girls later, still in Adelaide. And right now I think Paris would be nice – especially the 6C versus our 44C today!

  8. Christal Ingle Christiansen says

    I have been stalking, I mean following, you since almost the beginning of your blog. JC and I were at a brunch just after we arrived in Moscow and was told about your blog. I fell in love almost immediately with your writing because many times I felt you were telling my story only funnier or more poignantly than I could. I’m an American “trailing spouse” and mother of 3 girls with time spent in Vienna, Moscow, Warsaw and soon to add Zurich. I adore bubbles, but won’t turn down a glass of whatever is open. My travel list is too long to pick one, but can be packed & ready to go in 5 minutes. Feel free to pop over and ask about any of my pics. I’m always up for a good chat.

  9. Hi Kirsty. I have been reading your blog for a few years but I have no idea how I found you. Possibly during a “we might go work in a different country” phase which prompted me to do some research. We seem to go through that phase every few years. DH and I are from Canada and have lived and worked in the UK, Ghana and now in Australia. Sweden, Kyrgistan and Indonesia were possibilities earlier this year. So maybe you can understand why I love your blog? πŸ™‚

  10. Louet Colaco says

    Hi kristie, my name is louet. I am indian by birth, I was brought up in doha until my belgian husband whisked me away. We are married 10 years and moved from doha to dubai for 2 years, dohaback for 2 year, 3 places in brasil in 5 years and we are back since August. A friend in doha shared your first post about the travelling spouse in a time that I needed to read it the most. I have 3 daughters. I am from every where yet no where so our dinner table has variety. I promise to beep at you the next time I spot you on the road. Have a wonderful day stalking πŸ˜‰

  11. Amanda Causer says

    Hi Kirsty, this is Amanda from the county of Kent, south of London in wet and grey England. I found you because a friend of mine, Joanna Haines, has recently become an expat wife in Doha. She shared something of yours on Fb and I looked and followed. Been here since the nasty adverts outside THAT shopping mall……

  12. Hi Kirsty!

    I am currently living in the UK, used to live be an expat kid in the Middle East and still visit Oman regularly where my parents are currently living.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now, it used to help me not feel so home sick for the Middle East while I was studying at Uni in the UK and I have been hooked ever since! Reading about how your children are so close reminds me of my brother and sister. We are all grown up now and live in different parts of the world but that close bond never breaks. After all they are the only ones who have truly been through all the moving and shared new schools, houses and friends with you!

    If I could be anywhere in the world right now it would probably be somewhere in Australia as I have always wanted to visit, probably with a glass of Prosecco in hand enjoying the glorious weather they seem to be having at the moment!


    • My preferred drink this summer was Prosecco with a dash of either Midori or Chambord – OMG, so good! Your comment about brothers and sisters travelling really touched me. G is an expat kid and I think he and his brother and sister have something very similar to what you’re talking about. I see it with my guys as well, every time we head home/move they have to regroup before heading out to find new friends again. Oman is on my list, would you believe I haven’t been yet?!

  13. Carissa JH says

    Hi Kirsty, I’ve been following your blog for some time now. I found you as we have a mutual ‘friend’ who shared one of your pieces on Facebook and I thought I would check it out (Brooke R) I grew up in a smallish country town Wauchope NSW and now live in Brisbane with hubby and 3 kids (5,2 and 3 months). My drink of choice is very cold white wine and I would love to go back to London and live for 12 months (2 short holidays to visit friends in the past). I love reading your stories, you should bind them and give to your kids. A wonderful treasure trove of memories!

    • Ahhhh, a nice cool glass of Savignon Blanc would be good wouldn’t it?! I’m with you, G and I swear when the little travellers are bigger we’ll do a stint in either NY or London. Thank you so much for leaving a comment (love that Brooke). xx

  14. Nerida Child Dimasi says

    Hi Kirsty. Not sure how I came about your blog but as a fellow Doha expat from Australia, I find a lot of your stories relevant and hilarious and wonder how you cope with four children when I barely keep up with my two! I grew up in Echuca and my husband is from Mildura, so your musings about country life and all that is missed by being away from ‘home’, is in some strange way, quite comforting.
    I’m quite partial to the odd glass of champagne, along with some wine and cheese and am currently planning a trip to Marrakech in February.
    I have always wondered if I saw you around in Doha whether I would have the courage to say hi but know that I would probably say “Hi Kristy” and die of absolute embarrassment, even though I know your name is Kirsty. So I’ll just continue to anonymously stalk your blog everyday!

  15. Hi Kirsty I am an Aussie living in Melbourne. I have followed you for want seems like years, it is years. I found you on Mamamia and you became the second ever blog I subscribed too. You continue to visit my inbox and I have laughed along with you so many times and shared your blog everywhere I could. I am a new blogger, inspired by you I think, with numbers rarely making it to 3 digits and I understand how incredible your numbers are. Please, please take a huge bow, curtsie and then mega crazy jump for joy you earned it.

  16. Kelly Anne Nelson says

    Hi Kirsty,

    I’ve been in Doha since September, but I’ve been following your blog for over a year. I found you by searching for “expat blogs doha”. I’m from the US and for three years prior to Doha I was on a small island in the Caribbean called Dominica. I went study abroad to Univ of Wollongong when I was a college student (in the US). I certainly appreciate your insights about life in Doha but I also love hearing about Australia. I started following you to learn more about life in Doha. But, I’ve found that your blog would keep me interest no matter where I live in the world. I simply love the way you put words to certain ideas and feelings. Your posts about parenting are great and I find that I share them quite often.

    Anywhere on holiday….. my youngest wants to go to Paris, my husband to Italy, and I just want to be on a lovely tropical island.


  17. You’re asking to be stalked now!!
    I have been following, and sharing, your blog since I moved to Jakarta two years ago. I first saw it shared on my friend Caroline Maciver’s Facebook page. I think you two have a mutual friend.
    We’re on our our 3rd international assignment in ten years of marriage; Houston (loved your post about the call to Houston), Moscow and now J-town.
    I love how small this expat world is. I shared one of your posts recently and a former colleague from London, Aneil, piped up with the comment, ‘Kirsty is my boss’ Wife!’.
    P.S Kir royale for me please!

    • That’s hysterical! I often feel like Caroline I should be friends (I think we have about 4 mutual friends). And Aniel and I live on the same compound. This world is very very small. Emma, I will be eternally grateful that you’ve just given my “pink fizz” that I was drinking over the summer a much cooler name. A Kir Royale? I had no idea?! We share a favourite drink, that’s it, we have to meet. Kx

  18. Mrs Tiddlypip says

    Hi Kirsty, my name is Julie and I’ve been following your blog for around a year. I live in Melbourne with hubby and 3 kids (11, 9 & 5). Now that the youngest is starting school, 2014 is the year to work out what comes next for me (have started dippung my toe into the blogging waters…will see what happens!). Drink of choice is a glass of bubbly or a dry white. Food..seafood please, but really, who could be fussy if the company is fabulous?. Am currently on hols on the south coast of NSW with the family….its pretty awesome! Love reading your blog posts and have introduced some friends living the expat life to your posts. Grew up in country Victoria in a town of 2,500….show day was always pulled the biggest crowd πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Kirsty,I’m not sure how I found your blog but so pleased I did. So many of your experiences have resonated with me. I married a guy from Adelaide so even your blogs about South Australia are interesting!
    We have been expats now for 20 years The last 11 years have been in Singapore,before that in Sydney,France and North America. We spend school time in Singapore and vacation time in Australia and France.My 6 year old believes she lives in 3 countries.
    My favourite drink is a very cold Salmon- Billecart champagne . I love all food types but particulary enjoy the fresh produce found in Australia and French markets.
    Nice to chat to you.

  20. anexpatabroad says

    Hi Kirsty my name is Jo and I am a new follower after discovering your blog last week via Facebook. I have really enjoyed what I have read and as a British expat living in Abu Dhabi and now writing a blog myself for the last 6 months I found your site and experiences inspiring πŸ™‚ Jo

  21. Lauren Jones says

    Hi Kirsty, My name is Lauren Jones, I’m 28 (almost 29) and live in Doha (originally from South wales UK) with my beautiful little girl Millie moo and husband Steve, Steve’s work brought us here, he’s a teacher but had since gone from strength to strength and is now head of Primary, and I have a got a job as the Admission coordinator in the same school… annoying for some but for us working together is a home from home as its how we met… we have been living here for 2 years, and at times I’ve hated it, and would have given anything to get on that plane and head back to ‘normality’ but recently I have settled in well and am starting to embrace life out here, and have come to the conclusion that this in-fact is our little girls home, she was nearly 1 when we moved here and now at the stroppy age of 3 I realize that her school friends are here, her bedroom is here, her toys are here everything that is important to her and her tiny little life is here. this is her home. anyway im going waaaay of track. I’ve been following you for just over a year, a friend of mine who also lived in Doha old me about you and well what can I say I’ve been a fan since I read your first line! you are simply fantastic! I share almost every blog, and what you write, I can relate to in some or another.. you have made me laugh out loud at my desk in work, or cry or just smile. so thank you. you continue to write-I will continue to read!! Thank-you.

    oh and my tipple has to be a Pina Colada!

    Lauren x

  22. Howdy! I’m megan from bendigo, originally from warrnambool vic and the closest I will ever be to doha is reading your blog.
    Long time reader, first (or second) time writer, and I really enjoy reading your blog (my time to be stalkerish) I have a husband who works hard and 3 boys, 5, 3 &1. If one more person stops me at the supermarket and comments on how busy my boys must keep me (no matter how well intentioned) I might turn to them and say well yes I am tired, would you have them for a few hours? I’ll be at the pub.
    I would love to travel but currently my brain is fried by my cherubs, and when I read what you were doing when your little travellers were young I am in awe. (Good job you if you haven’t congratulated yourself on surviving that recently!)
    Your blog makes me laugh, and your reality becomes an escape from mine for the 5 minutes I read (hide) at my computer (2nd stalker alert). I am partial to white wine (not picky) and honestly any drink I don’t have to share with my brood is fine with me! Feel free to say hi whenever you feel the inclination lol

  23. Tiffany Schureman says

    Hi Kirsty! I’m Tiffany, originally from Dallas, Texas. I found your blog while doing research on moving to Qatar last summer. I am now living in Doha and working in Education City. I kept coming back to your blog after my research was done because you make me laugh out loud. I have also admired you because you have four children! And gave birth to them all in foreign countries! I am single with no children and I always wonder how mothers manage it all. You manage it all and have kept your sense of humour. My drink of choice is rum punch or a great glass of red wine! If I were to go on holiday right now, I would either go to my favorite place on earth, Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands or Thailand. I just got back from spending Christmas in Rome. I am sure at some point I will see you around Doha since it is so small. Cheers!

  24. Kelly Pollock says

    Hi Kirsty, My name is Kelly Pollock. I am an American who moved to Melbourne 14 years ago to be with a beautiful Australian man who stole my heart. Happily, this is still the case! I’ve been following you for about a year or two. A lovely friend, Karen Main (now blogging herself at Karen Main Online), sent me one of your blogs about boys. We each have a boy and girl and often discussed/giggled/compared our kids at various stages. That blog was my first. I’ve been hooked since! I find myself identifying with so many little things you bring up in your writing. Things such as preparing to travel with small children, the rushing around to the multitude of activities, the desire to be a great parent and wanting to loose your mind in the same breath, to the way you relate to G before and after he travels – my husband did a lot of travel over the last 6 years. I have no family here. They all live in the US and I adore them. I miss my girlfriends most – those who just get me and have a history with me that goes way back. I have a fantastic set of in-laws who have been wonderful, but I always love going back and being around the very, very familiar! We have a house in Melbourne and one on the Great Ocean Road (super lucky us!!). I love the beach! I love a G & T, just Gin on the rocks, an ice-y margarita and must have a coffee or two in the morning. I’m almost 49 and hate that my body and mind are traveling in two different directions. I admire people who are kind and don’t think twice about helping others. I wish I read more and we took an amazing trip to Europe (well, actually around the world) with our kids and my 75 year old parents in 2012 that I’m forever grateful for. I go to the Spring Carnival every year with a group of girls and love the fun of that day…and at least once a year, THAT is my photo on FB! I was a Cheerleader in my day and was the typical blonde hair/blue eyed California girl. I love how relatable your blog is… not just to expats. BTW, I feel like I just filled out an online dating form….pick me!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for your writing. Thanks for inspiring my friend Karen and I bet you’re having a ball (or regretting) all these replies! Good night from Melbourne….

  25. Katinafrica says

    Hi Kirsty, my name is Kathleen Logan-Taylor and I have been following your blog for three years now. I started reading your blog because of a link an Aussie friend of mine sent me. I live on the East coast of South Africa. Years ago I spent a year living as an exchange student in Adelaide. Reading your blog brings back such wonderful memories. My host family had a river shack at Murray Bridge so I love your posts about rural life in Oz. I have two kids, aboy Ewan you is 4 and a daughter Zoey who is seven months. I worked in conservation for six years for an international company but last year our deaprtment was shut down. I have since gone back to my first love, writing. I started freelance work in December and the work is slowly trickiling in. I have loved reading your posts about freelance writing and you have been and inspiration to me.
    Drink of choice- well generally that would be white wine or a verydry cider we get here called Savannah but after a few drinks and a long week with kids and work anything is fine.
    Favourite food- anything asian. I spent my honeymoon backpacking through Thailand and I totally fell in love with their cuisine.
    Holiday- Italy or the Greek Islands but reality will be Australia in December and that is just fine with me. A nice glass of Pinot Grigio from the Hunters Valley, some prawns on the BBQ and all my old friends around me.
    If you ever do make it on Safari to Africa you have a free safari guide:)

  26. Hello Kirsty,
    I’m a fellow Aussie so it is much easier to call me Jo than Joann. Joann is a bit of a nightmare name as Aussies call me Joan (yuk), Germans call me Johann (I do have breasts even though they are small…) and then Eastern Europeans all think I will be a man if they have not met me as my name does not end with an “a”.
    I’m from Newcastle and being the last kid of 7 children I learned to fend for myself early. That is the 7th kid with 6 older brothers so I can fight, ride a motorbike and sarcasm is the family sport….
    Currently we live in Slovakia due to my job with a Pharma company, which follows stints in Singapore (2 years) and Germany (3 years). We sold our home in Sydney to buy a place in Chamonix, France so have no plans to move back anytime soon. And skiing in Chamonix is fav holiday spot for now… Also, after our last trip home before Xmas I am not sure we could afford to move back! I found your post a while ago and have felt most of the situations you speak of are very similar to our experiences.
    Given that I get in trouble a lot from my husband for “talking to strangers” I would imagnine we would get on like a house on fire. I pretty much just want to find out “stuff” so am quite happy to talk to just about anyone. Slightly weird though as I am an introvert by nature and need the quiet times to fire up again.
    I prefer white wine to red but have been known to give the red a good crack when the white dries up… Let’s just say that my husband is under strict instructions to remind me to think twice if I start drinking red. It is never pretty in the morning… If there is a NZ Sav Blanc on the list I am happy. Marks & Spencers in Bratislava stock a great range at good prices so life is not too bad. However, fav drink would have to be Champers – bubbles suit any time of the day or meal or social situation.
    Some of my nieces thought I must have had something to do with your blog as I have shared quite a few stories via fb. I felt that was a compliment but quickly put their assumptions straight!
    Foodwise, we love a great steck with red wine shallot sauce, duck with honey glaze or a great roast (pick your meat, red, white or game). Any which way, it is my husband that does most of the cooking and I am very thankful! I can cook just fine but he is a perfectionist so I am only responsible for desserts, or a good cheese plate.
    Keep up the great work, caring too much is better than the alternative and do something naughty every day πŸ™‚

  27. Jacquie Cox says

    Hi I’m Jacquie, I found you on twitter maybe nearly 3 years ago, your writing makes me laugh and cry, always worth a read.
    I’ll try any alcoholic drink once (at least) and enjoy spicy food trying to live a healthier life, bacon is usually the cause of my failure NOT chocolate, I said I was giving it up but just can’t!
    I live in the UK have always lived in the UK but since we’ve had our 2 girls (12 & 15) have been all over the place for some fantastic holidays, never did long haul until we had a baby thankfully they love flying. My husband works away a lot but wouldn’t move anywhere permanently here is home, a 2 minute walk from his parents house.
    I’d love to be visiting family in Newcastle, Australia or joining them in Hawaii for a holiday. I’m easy to please so I’d go anywhere I didn’t have to do the washing for a holiday!

  28. Caroline Stewart says

    Hi, I’m Caroline, I stared following you when an ex-pat friend living in Abu Dhabi (previously in Doha) posted one of your blogs. I really enjoyed it and have followed you since. I am British, currently residing in Southern England. I was an expat child in Singapore. My husband and I, and three boys have lived in Madrid, Spain and Caracas, Venezuela. both were wonderful, but very different experiences. I thought I could speak Spanish, but South American Spanish is a very different language, and I had more than one hugely embarrassing moment. My boys, now grown up, all love travelling and are very adventurous. I love reading about your life, which really resonates with me and brings back very fond memories of our ex-pat days.
    I would love to share my husband’s party piece with you and yours, a huge paella. I love to cook and will try/eat almost anything. My tipple of choice is an icy cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc or perhaps a Cuba Libre. At the moment I would welcome a holiday anywhere that is warm, sunny and dry, after weeks and weeks of British rain and dull, grey skies!
    Keep up the blog, I love it!

  29. Susan Hack McDougall says

    Hi Kirsty, I have been following you for a year or so since someone linked to your blog on FB, I am currently living in Singapore (but sitting in the Charente, France as I type this). I am originally from the UK with an Aussie Hubby (whom I met in Singapore when we were both working there in 1998). Since then we have lived in Delhi (twice), Singapore (3 times), Bangkok and Jakarta – tried “normal” life in Brisbane for year in in 2012 but back in Expat land! Favourite drink is bubbles – Champagne (hence my love for France), Prossecco or a good Aussie sparling and I would love to go on a safari in Africa one day.

  30. Hi Kristy. My name is Sydney. I have been following you for around a year. I am a Canadian who has lived in Jakarta, Phnom Penh, Tbilisi and now Kyiv. A friend shared one of your blogs and I have been following since, my favorite food is any kind of Asian. Favorite drinks red wine,vodka and water. If we lived in the same place I would like to be friends.:-)

  31. Lot De Geyter says

    Funny you write about this. Lots of my FB friends shared your ‘expat wife definition’ last week, and here you are writing a blog about it.
    I started following you after I read that same article about a year ago or so.
    I’m a Belgian with 4 nights of food indulgence left before I head back to Rio. My friends keep a bottle of white wine in their fridge with my name on it. I recently rediscovered gin and tonic (it’s kind of cool nowadays in Belgium), tanqueray being my favourite of the week.
    And I once wrote you a FB message which I deleted because you would think I’m a stalker…

  32. Towerstakeatrip says

    Hi – been following your blog for a bout a year or so and can’t for the life of me remember how I found it – thinking a fb friend probably shared an article. We have just returned from 3 years in incredible
    India and are now adjusting to life back in the US which is home – although my husband and I are British – does that make us permanent expats or retired expats (back in US to stay). Love your blog – sometimes I laugh, sometimes I nod vermemtly in agreement, sometimes I shake my head and am not so sure……..but I always enjoy reading it. I blogged while in India – but said goodbye to my blog when we left – a month ago and now have to work out what it do next……………

  33. Corinne Rochette says

    I can’t quite remember how I found you. A friend shared one of your podts on FB. Being an expat mother of four, and considering your witty humour, it only took me about 3 posts before I was hooked. Do I mention I most probably read all 3of them one right after the other?
    So here goes : I’m a French mom of 4, each born in a different country. I’ve just repatriated to the (French) suburbs of Geneva after 16 years as an expat wife. The first 6 in Houston, then 2 in Hannover, Germany, 4 in the London suburbs and then 4 again in H-town.
    Being French, I love food in general, and enjoyed picking up new dishes to cook and bake at each of our stays.
    I don’t drink much alcohol, but love a sweet white wine, or a Sex on the Beach…
    If I could go anywhere on a Holiday right now, I’d like to go visit my friends who stayed in Houston. Otherwise, I love to discover new places, so anywhere would do!
    I love to disvover new places,

  34. sarahwaldin says

    Well our mutual friend Pip Hoy decided I should be reading your work, plus she’d made the link to our shared ex time at Kelly … and then we tried to meet up in Paris … and now I don’t live there anymore. I like cider and bubbles, I love the way you often nail it when describing the experiences of expat trailing spouses/parenting/being a woman, middle eastern food would entice me to eat until I needed that big tractor to take me home and ONE day we will come face to face. xx

  35. Hi Kirsty!
    I found your incredible blog from a link on mamamia a year or so ago. We started our adventure 8 years ago last week – 2 years in Dublin, 3 in Yokohama, 18 months in Winchester (UK) and as of August ’13 back in Dublin.

    You know how much I love your writing, and your honesty and openness.

    You make me, and everyone else who reads your words non in agreement, or laugh, cry (I’ve done both at the same time on more than one blog); your experiences as a wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend/expat mirror so many of ours it’s uncanny, but comforting at the same time.

    It means we are never alone, and that our experiences and feelings of being a mother and/or expat are validated. Sometimes we just need that, even those of us who are strong personalities.

    I feel like I stalk you, so please, feel free to stalk me anytime πŸ™‚

    While this sounds really weird, I sincerely hope we have a chance to meet in person one day, over an icy cold bottle of bubbles.


  36. Hi Kristy, My name is Helen from Melbourne. I have lived here my whole life… traveled a little for holidays and lived for around 3 months in Sydney but other than that, we have absolutely nothing in common. I cant remember how I found your blog but I do love it! For the past few years you have kept me laughing (and sometimes crying) and always entertained. Keep up the good work and I am still waiting for that book of yours to be published!

  37. Ruth Harper says

    Hi! I swear we would be friends if we lived in the same city!! πŸ™‚ I am a British ex-pat living in Michigan USA (been here about 3 years now) and discovered your blog whilst ‘googling’ for ex-pat blogs. I write a blog but am not a writer and just use it to document our amazing adventure in a whole new country! πŸ™‚ I love your writing style and your humour and check your blog every day to see what is happening in your world πŸ™‚

  38. Ruth Harper says

    I forgot to answer your questions! Mines a G&T and our dream holiday is coming up in March… A trip to Australia!! A few days in Sydney then a week or so in Melbourne for a Wedding!! πŸ™‚ Wanted to go there my whole life (well since I was a kid watching neighbours) so I can’t quite believe it is happening πŸ™‚

  39. I don’t remember how I found you – probably I enjoyed a comment you wrote on another blog I follow. I followed the link and really enjoyed it. I live in the US. I have travelled a bit, but never lived outside the US. I would like to have the opportunity someday. Not going to happen in the next few years, though. We have 2 boys in high school and want to get them finished here.

  40. Hi! I’ve been following your blog a couple of years now…no idea how I found you. I’m in auckland, nz but I was reading you when I was living in London and now I have a 6mth old wee boy…so is a bit different these days. I remember reading your blog when I was pregnant and freaking out and thinking, see, she has these kids and it’s hard work AND fun! So thanks for that πŸ™‚ I would like to be on holiday…in London! Visiting my sister and with my folks who are visiting her. And so she can meet my gorgeous boy. And so I can go shopping in h&m, topshop and selfridges.

  41. Becky Cunningham says

    Hi Kirsty
    I’m a Brit currently living in Jakarta, where my friend AnnMaree put me onto your blog a couple of years ago. I relate to so much of your posts, being a trailing spouse, freelance translator, and expat Mum – we have plenty in common. I noticed last week that your Expat Wife article was all over my feed again via Mammamia, it was really nice to see people enjoying and recommending it. It was great to put a face to the name recently when you posted the video blogs – I don’t know why I didn’t comment and say so at the time, but better late than never.
    Oh and I’ll have a mojito, thanks for asking! πŸ˜‰
    Becky x

  42. Therese Oxholm says

    Hi, Kirsty πŸ™‚ I’m Therese from Norway and I used to live in Canberra and Sydney as a student, and in Darwin as an expat Mum with a two year old boy and a two months old little brother. I found you about a year ago, when I was frantically searching the web for information on being an expat Mum of three (the little sister is now 1 year old) in the USA – we live in Houston TX at the moment. Your writing is so to the point, witty and mirrors my own emotions to the point that is quite uncanny at times. I look forward to your posts every day. My favorite food is seafood and you simply can not go wrong with a glass of chilled bubbles πŸ™‚

    • Seafood and bubbles, we could have a lovely long lunch together. How are you enjoying Houston? Are you in International Schools or doing local schools? I still miss our house in Houston and Houston friends. xx

      • Therese Oxholm says

        I would love a lovely bubbly lunch with you, how about Manly (sigh, where I used to live) or Darling Harbour (lovely seafood as far as I can remember) anytime! I do miss Oz, and am forever mistaken for an Aussie here in the USA -can you think of a better compliment, because for me that is the best compliment ever πŸ™‚ such a lovely accent. The kids are at a private Montessori school here in Houston and we are very happy with them. As for my favorite holiday-ready-in-five-minutes is of course Sydney πŸ™‚ however, we are heading to skiing in Colorado next week. Hubby (fellow viking) and boys all miss the snow. I’d be happy in Sydney this time of year πŸ˜‰

  43. Hi! My name is Kristin and I’ve been following your blog for some time now. I found it when a friend (who was living in Doha at the time) posted a link to it on Facebook. After reading that first post, I was hooked. πŸ™‚ At the time I found your blog, I was living as an expat in Germany, so I truly enjoyed reading your blog because I could relate to so many of the things you discussed on it. My husband and I are now back to living in the U.S. (Michigan, to be exact) and I still love reading your blog because it allows me to still feel connected to the expat lifestyle (which I desperately miss now that we’re back here… Repatriation kinda sucks.) Your posts never fail to make me laugh (and sometimes cry), and they always keep me coming back for more! πŸ™‚ Oh, and as for my drink of choice, a Bell’s Hopslam (a very hoppy IPA that is brewed at a fabulous brewery right here in Michigan) would be fabulous! πŸ˜‰ (Michigan might not be the most exciting state in the U.S., but we definitely know how to do microbrews! ;)) Cheers!

  44. Hi Kirsty,
    Carrie-who-used-to-live-in-China-and-then-Doha-but now-back-to-US shared a great story of your blog on FB. Ever since………like everybody else here πŸ˜‰
    You rock! I have shared your blog with many friends- all love you as I do!
    I have lived in China, back home (Germany) and again China now (8th year in total, more to come and who knows whereto next).
    You would totally fit in here but where wouldn’t you? πŸ˜‰
    Totally love the stalking-approach which I miss here with the new Expat-generation. People don’t wave to foreign strangers any more. Sad!
    I wouldn’t care that much about what was on the table, more what we’d put on the table conversation wise. I have the feeling we’d laugh and chat and giggle and never stop if we met. Was that aggressive stalking from my side?!
    Having said that: red wine (anything that is not Chinese) can be consumed by me any time, if it’s hot I can also do Caipi πŸ˜‰

    Safari in Africe: has been on my list forever. My parents used to live in Africa, my sisters were born there, I was made there.
    My 2 boys will love that, too once they are old enough to really to apprechiate it ;).

    Why am I putting this out here?
    Because I want you to go on blogging for all of us like we were your friends. Because in a way we are!

    Cheers from China,

  45. I found you maybe 4 years ago while living in Siberia, followed you through three years in Nigeria and still following you now from Moscow where we moved 6 months ago. A fellow Aussie expat, 12 years, 6 countries but only half the kids and no pets πŸ™ Also from a small country town in Oz married to man that also lived as an expat during childhood and mine still works for the big blue (unable to remove chip from behind ear and no longer trying) πŸ˜‰ I’d love to sit down in a pub in Oz with you to a glass of bubbly and a chicken parma, or a meat pie or a vegemite sandwich or even just a packet of cheese Twisties…no wait make that Samboy Salt and Vinegar chips (now I am hungry). Holiday right now…mmm….a week in the Alps for our boys that are very into snowboarding (I would just sit and drink bubbly if sunny or mulled wine if snowing and perhaps ski a little in between glasses). Love love love your blog, can relate to so much, comment a lot more than you see but end up pressing delete just in case you think I am stalking, or have too much time on my hands or sometimes its just not quite politically correct πŸ˜‰

  46. Hi Kirsty. I am from Scotland. Married also to a Scot, with 2 travellers. I started following you when I lived in Qatar. I recently moved to Dubai. Still following you. Keep up the good work! Your expat observations are bang in the money every time! I was an expat kid growing up and can remember back to my childhood when I read your little traveller anecdotes. Love it.

  47. Hi Kirsty, I’m Erin and I currently live in Perth, Australia. I’m originally from Melbourne but have lived in Norway for two years before moving back to Oz but to Perth. I can’t remember how I came across your blog a couple of years ago but I do remember that it was the first time I ever subscribed to one!

    I absolutely adore the way you write and I have laughed and cried at your posts. I loved/hated being an expat in Norway and sometimes I still feel like a domestic expat here in Perth so I find your musings on expat life very relevant. I am also a trailing spouse and sometimes I have struggled with feeling resentful about how my life is so different to the one I thought I would have – Living within walk or short drive of family and old friends.

    I have two children, a daughter Beth (5) who was born in Oslo and Lucas (3) who just has a plain old Australian birth certificate. I sometimes feel that I should apologise to him for the lack of international flavour with his documentation but, hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles! I sometimes feel that to have a baby overseas, away from family and friends, makes us some sort of super hero. That we can do anything!

    My favourite drink is a Bombay G&T or a NZ Sav Blanc. I know I should drink local wine but I can’t help what I like!

    • I know exactly what you mean by the passport thing, the 4th little traveller is the only one who scored a passport from his place of birth (Canada) much to everyone else’s disgust. “How come he gets two?!” Thanks for your comment Erin, means a lot that you subscribed. xx

  48. Robyn Santa Maria says

    Hi Kirsty. I’m an Aussie, living in the south of France with my French husband. While I’m not sure if I qualify as an ‘expat’ given we moved here for reasons other than work, I have also lived in the UK, Japan and New Zealand, so there are times I can certainly relate to stories you post. I found you last year thanks to mamamia and love your writing! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog given some of the experiences I’ve been having over here as I adjust to life in a small village on the coast, but it’s still that – a thought rattling around inside my head! I currently consume fresh baguettes and roquefort at a rate of knots so if they’re on the table – alongside champagne of course! – I’m one happy little vegemite. While seeing as much of France as possible is my immediate priority, if I could teleport myself right now it would be to Bolivia, to hike the Altiplano. I fell in love with a fellow outdoor enthusiast πŸ™‚

  49. Hi Kirsty, LOL about you asking to check in and let you know who your followers are. Hope you know what you asked for. I came across your blog just this week, when a fellow-expat shared one of your old post on making friends in a new country on facebook. And you know, she is actually one of the people of whom I think, yes, she can really be my friend. Or she allready is. I am from Holland, but have moved to Kuala Lumpur only three months ago. Still settling in on being an expat, missing home like hell (very unexpectantly) and not always loving the lifestyle. I know that in the end this experience will be worth it. The extra difficulty is that we also relocated a lovely 10yo (now actuallt 11 yo) little girl with us. Seeing her missing her friends and having to deal with very limited freedom in moving around by herself, made the change even harder. A friend of mine getting sick (also the mother of girl’s best friend) didn’t improve things. So if I could travel right now, I would go back to Holland, have my weekly dinner with my friends, visit my sick friend, see my parents, enjoy my daughter play outside and most certainly buy tons of matured Dutch Gouda cheese, cote d’or chocolate and Belgium chocolate sprinkles to take to KL. Now you also know why I don’t fit in any of the Asian dresses :-).

  50. Ingrid ExpatwithKids says

    Dear Kirsty,
    Just to let you know your “Expat Woman” article made the rounds at the International School of Paris facebook page. It made me smile because I remember reading your article back in 2012 when we where still living in Switzerland. I recommended they read the “Guest book” post which I adored! You were my inspiration when I had started blogging. I’d join you on a safari to Africa with a glass of champagne and a home-cooked picnic.

  51. Hi Kirsty,
    I guess it’s only fair that you want to know about ‘us’ out there since we get to learn a lot about you and what’s going on in your life – even though I can’t quite fathom how you might find the time to read all our blurbs… πŸ˜‰
    Not sure how but I came across your blog some time last year and have enjoyed it since. German born Australian, 2 kids, currently still living in Beirut, previously in Jakarta (2001-2005) – (wonder if our paths ever crossed there?). Moving back to Sydney next week!
    I do enjoy a nice crisp sparkling drop, and on cooler days especially love a sparkling Shiraz!
    Busy now with tying up lose ends here and trying to finish packing; having to decide which last bits to move on to new homes – sadly, there are plenty of Syrian refugees here who will gladly take anything, so at least parting with all that excess stuff we accumulated is a lot easier. I realized yesterday that our entire block of land at home is about the size of our apartment here… Crazy world. Hope you’ve enjoyed this tiny insight into my life πŸ˜‰

  52. Hi Kirsty. I first found your blog through an article of yours that was posted on mamamia a couple of years ago. I’ve been hooked since then and look forward to each new post. I’m an Aussie living in Liverpool, UK and while I’m here for love instead of work, a lot of what you write resonates with me. When you describe missing home, going home, being home and then leaving home – my heart strings are pulled and it feels like you know just how I feel. At the moment a cheese board, crackers and red wine can’t be beat. If I had the funds and the time, I’d be on a plane back to Aus as quick as I could!
    I have resolved to be more bold in 2014, so will stop deleting comments!

  53. Hi Kirsty, I’m a mining ex-pat wife currently residing in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. We moved out here last August from the UK but are originally South African. Another ex-pat friend in Ouaga posted your Mamamia article and it was love at first blog! And since I too cannot figure wordpress, i liked your page on Facebook and now get regular updates on your life! My Facebook profile picture is of me and my BFF (yes even at the tender age of 35+ we have decided to call each other that πŸ™‚ Sue and its taken in a little cafe in Bruges were we went for a weekend away with our hubbies (and NO kids) in december. Anything meaty on the table is always a winner and for now I prefer Tequila Sunrises with a smudge of mint! Holidays mind you are not as easy and i’m umping between the kind of already planned holiday to visit my sista in Japan or a nice surprise birthday trip for my hubby to the kruger Park in SA…. sjoe feel like i’ve talked for africa!

  54. Hi! I found your blog a few months ago…. I think I must have read something somewhere and then ended up here. I’m not an expat…. though my parents were for years. I’m a Kiwi still living in NZ, with a bizarre fondness for blogs written by Kiwis and Aussies. I guess it’s that familiarity thing… we speak not only the same language but the same dialect. … Antipodean…. or Oceanic or something.
    I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve been reading on your blog. For a teacher who hasn’t had much of a chance to explore the world lately, it’s a pleasant escape.

  55. Expat Aussie living in Canada and miss it terribly however my life is here now. Not sure that I could ever repatriate with 3 Canadian born children. Although #2 did say to me that he feels more Australian as years go on and hopes to go and live there. Nooooooooo! Love your posts and that you share such incredible adventures, while also being honest that things don’t always go well. Some blogs only show the golden side of life and we know that’s not alway the case with a bunch of kids. Please, keep writing!

  56. Hi. I’m Rachel and I started following your blog about a year ago after reading your post “Pate Moments” on Leah’s fb page (we used to be in Houston too and our husbands worked together). We’re back at home now, but my husband travels A LOT. I’m taking a break from my career to be at home with our 2 and 4 year olds at the moment. I love being at home (most of the time), but the Pate Moments post had me howling with laughter – and another post you had a linked about your “bitch switch” as they leave for another business trip. That one had me cringing slightly. At least my husband has the courtesy to actual call his trips his “business mini-breaks”.
    If I was coming round to your house I’d drink anything alcoholic (red wine if there is a choice), and some of G’s fab looking cooking would be great!
    My holiday of choice would be Italy – great food and wine, lovely little towns to wander around and stop for coffee with those yummy little cakes and biscuits. Either with family, or as a weekend break just with the husband – got to love those airmiles!

    • Oh Rachel it has taken me FAR too long to reply to this but any friend of Leah’s is a friend of mine – I luff her. I think everyone has their oldest (longest) expat pal, and she is that for me. Italy is on the wish list for next year, solely for the food πŸ™‚ I’d happily drink a glass of red with you. I sincerely hope our expat paths get to cross one day. Kirsty x

  57. Hi, French (from NC)-expat, 8 years in the US (but not Houston) and 8 years now in Asia (4 cities, last one being for the past 6 months Jakarta). Discovered your blog thru a Fb like from a former school mum in Manila (one I d love to find again. I am still also navigating on your new blog, and I am in troubled waters: the one about arriving in a new city). Love my french food, but would walk 10km on my knees for Singapore chill crab or Balikpapan black pepper crab. And a real night out must have a Bomb Splash in hand πŸ™‚ I want to go to too many places right now: It would be an endless list but I m torn into discovering somewhere new or going somewhere where I can catch up with old friends.

    • Okay, you’ve probably forgotten this comment as it’s taken me so long to reply but I have to know. What is a Bomb Splash??? I think I might need one?! How’s Jakarta? Hope you’re keeping it warm for me, I dream of going back there. xx

  58. Jennifer Ray says

    Hi Kristy! I’m Jennifer from Texas. I found your blog from an expat friend who shared the Expat post. We lived in Bahrain for 6 years. My hubby worked in Doha, KSA, UAE, Egypt. So we traveled the region. We had our first child in BAH. I miss expat life and am ready for our next assignment abroad! I would totally take on Africa with a glass of vino.

    • Hi Jennifer, I know, it’s been a month since you left the comment but I wanted to say hi. How’s Texas? I was talking to someone today about turning 40 and remembered that it all happened a week before we moved to Houston. I miss our Houston house, friends and neighborhood but yes, I totally understand that urge to get back on the road – it kind of gets under your skin doesn’t it πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for leaving a comment, I’d love to join you in Africa for a glass of vino!

      • Jennifer Ray says

        Ah Houston; we did our time there too. We get to call the mountains of Texas home. I’d trade the Houston traffic for our deer any time! We miss it so much that it looks like we will take an offer for KL in 2015. Hopefully this time the kids will remember some of it! Looking forward to more of your musings πŸ™‚

  59. TokyoJinja says

    Kirsty, all my Tokyo friends were sharing it on FB last week. It was fun to tell them that we were now friends. See you soon!

  60. I’m an Adelaide girl still in Adelaide. I’ve been reading for a while but can’t remember how i got started on your blog. But I do remember the posts you wrote about Villaggio mall fire touched me so much they made me cry.
    At the moment I just want COLD wine after the weather this week and food I do not have to cook.
    I am hanging out for my holiday in Port Elliot at the end of the month.
    I went on safari in South Africa for my honeymoon. It was the best holiday ever! And nothing gets you over a hangover fastest than baby leopards playing a couple of metres away from you πŸ™‚

    • Hey Jane, it has been a month since your comment and I’m guessing that Port Elliot holiday has been and gone? πŸ™‚ I’m busting to do the Safari thing, would love to take the kids. Thanks for leaving a comment, I love hearing from people in Adelaide, weirdly makes me feel closer to home. xx

  61. Marwa Atef says

    Hey kirsty, my name is marwa..I’m from egypt and currently living in doha….first found out abt ur blog at starfish lane 2 yrs ago and have been stalking u ever since…was overwhelmed to be living in a different (not even that foreign) country and u made me c a lot of the bright sides of it…plz feel free to stalk me:))))

    • Hey Marwa, apologies for the late reply. How are you enjoying Starfish? My 4th started there when we first moved to Doha, it was like a breath of fresh air walking in there every day. Thanks for being so kind, it’s really the biggest compliment to be told I made you see the bright side, those early days of moving can be very dark at times. xx

  62. Amanda Page says

    Hi Kirsty! I found you in 2011 when I started googling a combination of expat blogs, Australian blogs and Adelaide blogs, and you came up under all three. In 2011 I’d been living on the east coast of the US for 13 years with my at-the-time US husband. The modifier tells the story; my marriage had fallen apart, and I suddenly had to start planning to move me, my stuff and three cats back to Adelaide. Your stories of moving around the world interspersed with trips back to Adelaide were just the ticket.

    Repatriation was and still is a trip. I didn’t realize quite how much is adapted to living in the US and there’s still things that pop up that show I’m not quite from round here. In the US, you only get to have your face on a stamp after you’ve died, so I was quite startled to see a letter here with Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe’s faces. Not to mention the (thankfully only twice) couple of times I’ve been driving and turned right and ended up on the right hand side of the road, aaah!

    My profile photo is of me with a cupcake I got at the sausage sizzle at the recent Federal election here; such an Oz thing to have a sausage sizzle and vote. My cover photo is the view from the Seacliff hotel on the night of my one-year anniversary dinner with the lovely Adelaide man who’s fitted in well with my mantra describing my last few years; 2011 was the year of suck, 2012 was the year of transition, and 2013 was the year of awesome!

    Drink? A Coopers Pale or a moscato, cheers!

    • Amanda, I’m so sorry my reply has taken this long. I know the Seacliff Hotel and I too am a Coopers or a moscato girl, or a proscecco or a sauvignon blanc, or a glass of red πŸ™‚ I’m so happy for you that your repatriation worked well, it must feel so strange to be back AND you were able to find a bloke in Adelaide?! Can you tell me how? I have a couple of girlfriends that are currently entertaining the idea of getting back out there.

  63. Hi Kirsty, shame more people haven’t responded to your question because I think it’s only fair you know who your own stalkers are! I came across your blog after someone posted a link to it on a Singapore expat wives Facebook page late last year. We moved to Singapore from Sydney six months ago now with our 1-year-old for my husband’s work. As we weren’t married when we first arrived I had to enter on a tourist visa, and so began very interesting conversations with other ‘tourists’ about the best places to go for a long weekend visa run (no doubt all easier than your experiences from Libya) … Having attended our first ever Chamber of Commerce Australia Day ball last night (which we would NEVER have done at home) I’d love to know how Australia Day is celebrated / marked / acknowledged in Qatar or other places you’ve lived??

    • Kate, it has taken me WAAAAAAY to long to reply to this comment. Okay, so Oz day in Qatar usually means a joint NZ Waitangi day celebration so they pick a date that falls in between the two, this year it was Feb 1. We have a gorgeous beachside ANZAC day service, and a ball which this year is in late March. In Jakarta we loved the ball, but I can’t remember anything in KL? Tripoli we joined with everyone for remembrance day, but our house was commonly known as the Australian Embassy. In Canada our patriotism came in the form of getting together for the Oz Grandfinal which usually fell late on a Friday night. In Houston? Hmmm, I think we just got together with friends? I hope I haven’t rambled on to much. I am totally green with envy over your Singapore posting, I miss Asia. Thank you so much for sharing where you are and what brought you here. xx

  64. Hi Kirsty, I started reading your blog here in Shanghai maybe 2 weeks ago (?), when a friend posted a link to the expat women article and I saw it on my facebook. I’ve been teaching overseas since 2000, first in Seoul, then Istanbul, and now Shanghai – but I’ve been on the move for most of my life, having grown up in Kuala Lumpur, then boarding school in Australia. Your stories have cracked me up, made me homesick for Oz, and brought tears to my eyes. When you write about Australia, I can smell the eucalyptus trees – I’m right back with the sound of the surf at Rainbow beach, or maybe along the Great Ocean Road, in the sun with sand between my toes – you’re my Aussie fix as I look out on another grey Shanghai day with an AQI of over 200, and I miss Melbourne so much that I wish molecular transport was real and not just on Star Trek. But at the same time, I don’t think I can stop wandering around the world.
    I wonder if I know people who know you – I was in Doha last June, visiting friends who live there and work at Qatar Academy. Or maybe I’ve crossed paths with you in an airport somewhere some time!
    My FB cover photo was taken near Lunenberg in the Canadian maritimes, and my profile photo is with my husband somewhere in the Serengeti in Tanzania. If you’re ever in Shanghai, let me know – I think you’d enjoy cocktails at the Glamor Bar. Oh and by the way, we flew to Dar-es-Salaam from Doha – such a quick flight – one of the best holidays we’ve ever been on – Lake Manyana, the wildebeest migrations in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater and Zanzibar – I’d go back in a heartbeat.

    • Fay, I absolutely loved your comment, devoured it. I bet we do know some of the same people, it sounds like we hit the road at about the same time. My 2nd daughter was born in KL. You know we were an inch away from choosing Tanzania for Spring break (we’re going to Sri Lanka) you’ve inspired me to put it back on the bucket list. Thanks so much for your comment – it really means a lot. Kx

  65. James Mack says

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