Here’s What I Found This Time

The last time I did a post like this I think I referred to it as “my favourite things”. So original, so creative, so totally stealing Oprah!

So this time I’m referring to it as here’s what I found this time. Which is exactly what it is, stuff that I like that I think you might like too.

These jeans. I love these jeans. They were at GAP a couple of months ago. I bought the coral and I should have bought the pale blue at the same time – instead my sneaky friend Kirsty (I like all my friends to have the same name as me) went back and got the blue – and now there’s none left. But all is not lost. I’ve just ordered a pair online and according to GAP and DHL they’ll be here in a week. These jeans are comfortable, flattering and they make them big enough for me. They’re called the skimmer legging jean if you’re looking.

Last year when I was the proud owner of a urethral diverticulum, I found myself on a constant course of antibiotics to treat my oh so lovely never ending urinary tract infections. Oh, look at that, the one solitary man that was here has just ran from his laptop. Where was I? Oh yes, I was back talking about my foofy again. Some of you may have experienced the joy of antibiotics and the beautiful side effects. I don’t want to gross anyone else out, but lets just say that this year I am not only antibiotic and UTI free, but thrush hasn’t been, erm, around these parts either.

A couple of years ago my very lovely sister in law gave me the tip of adding a couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil to the bath to, ahem, keep things fresh. I took it a bit further and came back to Doha with roughly 20 bottles of this. I know I’m not the only one addicted to this stuff, I noticed it in my girlfriend’s shower in Paris.

This morning I had a coffee with the lovely Jackie from The Bodyshop (Jackie and I met in the toilets of a Mall one day and struck up a chat, as one tends to do). She too agreed that tea tree oil was the miracle worker for ailments rhyming with crush. And then promptly marched me down to the store and gave me this to try.
The little bottle on the right is pure tea tree oil which is great for the bath. The bottle on the left is their bodywash which means I no longer have to import 20 bottles of shower gel from Oz each time I return to Doha. 
The next winner of the week was the Tangle Teezer that I picked up at Boots pharmacy. The second little traveller has thick long hair and at times has attempted a hidden deadlock that would rival Bob Marley.
This thing is bliss. No complaints and she uses it herself. Except of course, when she has somehow managed to convince the third little traveller to do it for her. How does that work??  Notice his own unbrushed hair? Ever heard of treat em mean keep em keen. Exhibit 1:
And this. I’m a big lover of Instagram, and I wanted to print some of my shots and get them framed. I’ve just ordered my first poster from PosterCandy. It was $49 for a 70 x 100, all the sizes match with IKEA frames which is perfect for me as I can find a frame here or in Adelaide.
Okay, that’s it for now. Anyone else found something they love?
*In the interests of full disclosure, I didn’t receive a cracker for any of the above suggestions. 
Kirsty x

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  1. I hate cleaning and have a lovely maid that comes in from one of the agencies and mops my floors. With a black dog, cream tiles and living in the dessert this is a must. However I always used to find streaks. Either the water was too cold, or she put too much soap in etc etc. Now with a baby due any day (hurry up little mermaid!) and full blown nesting going on (cooked a casserole and baked muffins at 03.00 in the morning) I needed to find a solution! So I bought a steam mop. It is is very depressing to be excited about such a purchase, but I guess it means I’m an adult now??? Also shoes are out due to cankles, hand bag soon to be replaced by nappy bag and don’t even get me started on clothes. Anyway it’s a Black and Decker one and you can remove the steam bit so you can also use it to clean the oven, shower door etc etc. I hate to say this, but it is fab!

  2. Foofy te he he 😉 Love the poster candy idea once I manage to do some more instagramming….

  3. Firstly my name is Kirsty and so is my awesome friend and Neighbour. Kirstys are totally taking over the world. Secondly I am mad for tea tree oil. Did not know about it being a thrush cure though must add it to my list. My husband swears that I believe in the power of tea tree so strongly I’d put it on a broken leg!!!!
    Thirdly you take cool Instagram pics I’d wanna frame ’em too.
    That’s all.

  4. Great, I went straight to the shops today. Looked at the jeans (only yellow ones left so no jeans for me), bought the tea tree oil shower gel and ordered the Tangle Teezer for my nieces little daughters. My husband was surprised about my shopping list. 😉

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