Pole Dancing In Paris

We’re at the please don’t make us go to another museum stage of the week.

The fourth little traveller tried to stage a protest “No more Museums!”

Guess what we’re doing today?

Going to another museum. Sorry kids.

Yesterday it was the Louvre. Just beautiful.

The little travellers insisted we go and see Mona first.

After that, well, it was challenging.

The audio devices at the Louvre are 3DS devices, the third little traveller became the IT specialist for the day.

This room provided a few giggles, renamed “Le room full of doodles”. I know, so cultured.

There were a lot of missing doodles. This sparked a whole conversation about the precise point when the doodles fell off. I overheard one little traveller say to another “Imagine if you were just walking around the Louvre and you heard something just drop on the ground ‘oh look, his doodle dropped off’ and imagine if it dropped on your head!” Uncontrollable laughter.

One day they’ll understand the magnitude of what they were looking at. Right?

There was a bit of this.

And then it was time to get rid of some of that pent up energy. Does anyone else subscribe to the theory that children need to be run like dogs? I’m a big believer.

There were more crepes, more hot chocolates, more beers and more wine.

A couple of us were a little confused about the aim of this exercise.

Things turned feral just after this shot was taken. Someone hit someone with a backpack. Someone sat on someone. Someone pushed someone through a turnstile at the Metro station. There was a race to get on the train, unfortunately it was the wrong train. While we waited for our next train there was a four child pile up that resulted in tears and G screaming “How about I sit on you? COME HERE AND LET ME SIT ON YOU!” At one stage I watched the fourth traveller use the rail in the middle of the train as some sort of pole dancing/fireman apparatus which resulted in him losing his balance and landing head first against the carriage doors. It was then that I shouted “YOU IDIOT” winning me the Mother of the year in transit award.

The bottle of wine that G and I opened at 10pm when we got the children to bed last night was perhaps the best bottle of wine in my life.

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  1. Classic xx

  2. Well done! Keep up the good work please. Love it.

  3. Ha! I’ll remember to visit the doodle room next time we are in Paris. Our kids loved sailing the little boats on the pond in the Luxemburg Gardens as well as the marionette show. My boys loved the hand-cranked carosel in the Champ de Mars – they hand the kids a “baton” (sword!) on which they collect metal rings as they spin around. The Tuilleries have a level-to-the-ground trampoline park for bouncing out some energy (busy on wednesdays when school is off). They also loved the “dead rat shop” which is featured in the movie Ratatouille. The hot chocolates and mont blancs at Angelina are perfect in the cold weather. Love your photos. Wish I was there and not in the big durian.
    Kate 🙂

  4. Brilliant!

    Curious, who did G sit on?

  5. Family holidays. Brilliant!
    Our last holiday my son set off the alarm in an art gallery in Vienna which resulted in us being closely followed the entire time by a group of security guards. Good times.

  6. My kids are always complaining about seeing “old things”! Wonder when they will get it and appreciate what they are seeing. I actually hit it out of the park this year on our trip to Scotland-All boy thins! Fun Fun

  7. I love Paris – and so will they, museums and all, eventually (when they’ve grown out of needing to run around at the first sight of open space!)

    And you and G – you deserve your wine.

  8. Haaaa…this reminds me of a comment #2 made when we were dragging the kids around Washington DC one year on a visit to his Granny: “Mum, why are you always trying to educate us?”

  9. Good wine, bad wine. When you are in France and have had a day like that — they’re all good bottles of wine. Being a tourist is hard work — I admire your fortitude and spirit. One day they will look at the doodle post and laugh. With entirely new understanding!

  10. Nice to see what you and the brood are up to in Paris. Have you considered letting them burn some energy off in the gardens of Versailles? You can even rent bicycles there on the right hand side of the Grand Canal. It’s lovely to explore Marie Antoinette’s Petite Trianon, within the Versailles Gardens.

    A nice walk to take one day when you don’t want to be outside too much (read ugly weather) is through Les Pasages Parisien http://france-for-visitors.com/paris/grands-boulevards-halles.html . I’m pretty sure that there is a walk through tour in the Lonely Planet Guide to Paris. It’s very interesting. The further away from the Louvre you go the less restored and inhabited they are so you may only do the first few. Be sure to start at Palais Royal (Metro: Palais Royal Musee du Louvre, Line 1). There is a fabulous cafe at the far end of Passage des Panoramas, on the left. You will recognise it by all of the lovely carved wood on the front. They do a nice salad and quiches etc. It’s a nice break from the more touristy parts of Paris.


    Look up this site. They run excellent tours for a reasonable price. Most of them give a rendezvous point and you simply turn up and pay the guide. My absolute favourite tour of theirs is Montmartre. It used to be and may still be taken by the owner of the company who is a huge fan of Montmartre having lived there for some time when he first went to live in Paris from the UK.  Ergo, you get a really local insight into the colourful area. http://www.paris-walks.com/

    Sorry if you know all of this already.


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