Occupied, Occupe, Ocupado!

It began with a morning walk along the Seine to the train station.

You know those moments. The moment when you look at your partner and you both suddenly realize that you’re doing something insanely cool. The oh my god we’re on the metro on the way into Paris moment.

We popped up out of the ground and discovered a bright blue sky, we were right where we’d hoped to be. At the foot of the Arc de Triomphe.

We walked a lot. Mainly in the wrong direction. A few pitstops were required.

Research was done.

We found this.

And this

And then we sat on top of a double decker bus and said “wow” a lot.

And then it was time to get back on the train to go home. This guy was in charge of telling us when it was time to get off the train – it was the trench coat and the scarfe that made us trust him.

“What was the best part of your day?” I asked.

“When we went into the automatic toilet and the instructions were in Spanish and Annie looked through the crack in the door and I said this toilet is ocupado, OCUPADO! We laughed so much Mum.”

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  1. Sounds fab. Beautiful pics. Big kisses x

  2. ocupado is going to be in the family vocab forever now!. x

  3. What a gorgeous family you have.

  4. Ah yes, bathroom memories. I was with a group when one woman didn’t realize she was supposed to pay the attendant. I paid for both of us and boy did I get good service!

  5. Lovely to see such beautiful family photos, thank you for sharing. And a rare glimpse of your handsome husband! Have fun fun fun

  6. Lovely to see such beautiful family photos, thank you for sharing. And a rare glimpse of your handsome husband! Have fun fun fun

  7. Yep. Thanks for sharing your trip notes and photes. Wetting my appetite for my own trip to France in 9 weeks!! Salut et bon voyage!

  8. And lovely rare photos of the family, too…. spring is in the air!

  9. Gorgeous photos!

    ….. Love Chunks and I often have that same glance “What are WE doing here? This is what it’s all about, isn’t it?” and then I hope that a huge shepherd’s crook isn’t going to come from left of stage and hoik me off, saying, “Sorry love, this is too amazing for the likes of you…”


  10. Beautiful family. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing. ♥

  11. Gorgeous photos – wishing you many more ‘moments’! S x

  12. Wonderful photos. I loved Paris and hope to go back soon.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely time.

  13. It’s so lovely to see the faces of the little travellers, you and G.

    Paris looks very cold 🙂 but nothing stops you getting out’n’about on holidays, especially in a city like Paris.

    Can totally relate to the ‘pinch me am I really here’ moments

  14. What a lovely family. Looks like you are having a great time!You are building wonderful memories.

  15. Oh, I don’t believe it!!!! You walked right past my home today!!! I really wish I could have just been able to pop downstairs if only to says hello to you and your family. Bienvenue a Paris! Enjoy les francais….

  16. Isn’t that the third traveler in the trench coat and scarf? He looks like a model in a fancy advertisement! I trust he told you exactly the correct stop!

  17. It sure is, he’s the king of the stops (except when we’re on the wrong train).

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