Sailing Through Saturday

Okay, it’s Saturday morning and the sailor is off sailing.

Last week I decided that Saturday mornings were a time for toast, slothfulness and a day off from writing. I’m loving my Saturday mornings. So, here we go with this weeks favourite clips:

Remember last weeks Mother and Son Gangnam clip? We have a budding trombonist in the house (feel free to come over during practice time anytime), so this clip was a popular one at Chez Shamozal.

And this one time, at band camp…

I’m sure you’ve all seen this one – but this was my favourite this week. Best photo bomb ever.

How gorgeous is this?

Last weeks Matt Damon clip is hard to beat – but here’s Ben Affleck doing accents with Ellen.

And finally, if you missed it earlier this week – I made my first video clip about dealing with brands. The very next day, someone approached me to put something on the site – they called me Kristy.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

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