There are children of 71 different nationalities at the little travelers school. During International week, the youngest and eldest child representing each nationality, line up and enter the gymnasium to an avalanche of cheers. Remember how passionately you cheered at school? These guys stamp their feet, clap, whistle and “woot”. You can’t help but be touched by it, everyone in there together, celebrating how International they all are. These are children who spend their days side by side studying math, language arts and social studies, children who are not only different nationalities but also different religions. Children who have written essays, children who sang in a school play, wrote poetry, and built robotics. Children who play sport together, eat together, go to movies together. Every day they prove that it doesn’t matter which religion you are or where you come from – we can all get along.

I devoured the newspapers over the weekend, trying to make sense of what happened in Libya, but there is no sense. I began to watch that stupid movie, it was ridiculous, insulting and impossible to get through. Who are you people?

Last night an email came through from the school, they talked about security, made sure everyone understood the process and what was happening. And then moved on to what was most important.

“We are saddened by the tensions that have risen throughout the region, but these events only deepen our commitment to supporting the development of positive, active global citizens”.

And that’s what I’m going to do. 

Stay positive. Stay open. And keep cheering for a world where we can all live peacefully together.

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  1. Thanks for such a positively peaceful post – really needed it today! 🙂

  2. I’m with Sarah-Jane: positive, peaceful, purposeful.

  3. Politicians and world religious leaders should take more note of how kids get along so well.

  4. Tolerance only comes with understanding differences so ignorance leads to intolerance and it is the worst fastest developing disease on this planet! The cure ? Let the children play together like in international schools. Thanks for that great post !

  5. . Every day they prove that it doesn’t matter which religion you are or where you come from – we can all get along.

    This is exactly what was Mohammad was talking about but the problem is with the Muslims who misunderstand Islam, and I dont think there is a reason to be afraid in doha people here avoid problems Qataries and forigners

  6. I’m cheering right along with you!

  7. I was driving through Sydney on Saturday and found myself in major traffic due to a protest which turned violent. A few children were holding signs calling for people to be killed — obviously with support/encouragement from the parents — which is terribly depressing. So it’s nice to hear about the very different attitudes at your kids’ school!

  8. Could. Not. Agree. With. You. More…. Well written.

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