Party Rockers in the Band Tonight.

Remember the Trombone Suicide post?
There was a lot of discussion about who played what, where and when. 
My favourite comment on the blog post was from the mother of one of the boys in the clip “my son is the one in the video…and I am the proudest Mom in the world”. 
Is there anything better than watching your child from the bleachers? Whether it’s the trombone suicide or the very first dive in the deep end. Watching your child take part in something, watching them learn, grow and improve and maybe eventually master – it has to be one of the most underrated free gifts that comes with parenting.
My favourite comment on Facebook (about the Trombone Suicide) was from my girlfriend Clare who was/is a musician and spent a lot of time in the band – “the trumpet players, well the trumpet players they were the sex gods of the band”. 
My girlfriend Carolyn tells me it was the saxophone players “everyone LOVED the Sax players”
I thought back to the band in my home town.
No. Sex. Gods.
The band has had a serious image change. Bands are cool. Show me a guy with a Saxophone and I’ll show you a girl with a dress just waiting to be dry cleaned.*
I’ve just discovered this clip and I can’t wait to show it to The Little Travellers in the morning. “Party Rockers” is a daily pick on the ipod on the school run, the travellers became addicted to it after watching The Renovators in Australia over the break (theme song).
Yep, bands are cool. Take a look at this.
What was band like when you were at school? Any sex gods?
*that was a terrible Clinton/Lewinsky reference

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  1. That video clip is so so so fantastically cool! The kids have watched it about 23 times! Thank you – there are some YouTube clips that give back so much more than the time the take to watch.

    Do not get me started on bands. I shall cry. 

    I will blog about the bizarre things that happen to me when I hear marching bands.


  2. That was really cool! My son started band a few years ago doing percussion – definitely doing nothing like this. Maybe one day 🙂

  3. I had a serious crush on Mr Trombone. Minor crushes in the woodwinds. I think saxophones are hot! Is it wrong that my son plays this instrument?! And I quite enjoy Monday afternoon when his teacher is perched in our living room. I swoon when my daughter’s rather lovely violin teacher plays and insist on attending every lesson. 
    Ah, I love bands. But I hope that they don’t become too cool as I think they are a fabulous refuge for kids who don’t fit quite so happily into the mainstream. My school band had all sorts, from the very brainy to kids who hated every other part of the school day. 

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