Twitter – my dirty little secret

My name’s Kirsty…………….and I’m twitaholic.

It all began innocently on the Australian election day. I was far from home and started trawling the news sites searching for polling results,  I noticed a tweet link to the incredibly talented Aussie political journalist, Annabel Crabb.  I was going to just have a quick look.  I mean, ahem, I have to be honest…..I wasn’t a twirgin, I’d been there before, I’d twabbled once or twice, but I was more what you’d call an occasionitter.

Something was different this time though, armed with a “trending topic”  (#ausvotes) on election day, it was a twitsplosion. All of the politweeters were there, chatting in 140 characters or less, it was instant, it was clever and twitty.

Initially I was just a voyeur, occasionally I’d throw in a drive by tweet but mostly I was happy just to twatch.

As the days and weeks went by I gained a couple of followers and slowly I found myself with a whole new group of sweeple, I tweeted them, they tweeted me. They were my tweeps.

Then I became more of an adventuritter. I couldn’t just wait patiently at any of my appointments, I was twaiting,  I was twalking and the worst, I was twitterlooing. I found 5 minutes without my phone left me feeling twitterish and out of the twitterloop. I’m embarrassed to admit, I was even doing it when I was stuck in twaffic.

It got worse.

I noticed the blog links. I thought about my own blog, maybe I could “flog MY blog?” The twitophant came out in me. I linked, I flogged and when people “mentioned” me I was in twitterphoria.  I had a bad case of twittereah. CHECK THIS BLOG OUT”, I screamed at people. “YOU MIGHT LIKE THIS?” I’d become as desperate as an AFL player in a nightclub at 3am.

I knew I’d hit rock bottom when I turned my attention to the twitterati. I didn’t take the obvious route, not Ashton Kucher, Stephen Fry or Lance Armstrong……noooooo after a couple of glasses of wine I tweeted or dweeted (drunk tweeted) John Cusack?!  He didn’t tweet back. I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am to discover a middle aged bachelor wasn’t ALL over a blog about 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle.

Initially I felt a little tweetsulted, then it grew to full blown twitterage but by the morning I was just feeling tweepish and was seriously contemplating a twittectomy. I thought about qwitting but knew I couldn’t go cold twurkey.

So I’ve decided to develop my own 12 step program. I’d love your help. Please feel free to add some steps…..

Step 1.  Unfollow John Cusack!

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