Who You Marry Will Be Your Most Important Career Decision

My husband and I took the news of Dave Goldberg's death differently. For a start, G wasn't sure who Dave Goldberg was. "He was the CEO of Survey Monkey. He was married to Sheryl Sandberg" G's face remained blank. "You know, the woman who wrote 'Lean In' she's the COO of Facebook". G gave me a look of recognition but I wasn't convinced he knew … [Read more...]

A Simple Move – An Expat Goodbye

Initially the move sounded simple, from one side of the compound to the other. When the packers came to quote I stressed how easy it would be. "It's just down the end of the street and you make a right." "Yes" he had the look of a man who had heard it all before "but we still need to pack it, load it on a truck and get it into your new house. … [Read more...]

What Did I Have To Lose – Episode 4

"When I ask them what they're doing I really want to know what they're doing. They don't understand. If they can tell me just a little bit of what it's like at home I can picture it, feel it, I can almost be there with them." This week's episode of What Did I Have To Lose involved a few tears and a lot of giggles. Three interviews with three women … [Read more...]

Grocery Money

*updated A few years ago, a girlfriend of mine was coming out of the baby haze of three children in as many years. Over coffee with friends she suggested she was ready to return to the office. Actually, she was ready to return anywhere, as long as it was out of her house and someone was prepared to pay her. “I just want something part-time, … [Read more...]

The Expat Woman

If you've seen the French and Saunders skit of the two expat women who can barely get off their chairs to pour their gin, you would have to agree that expat women have a pretty terrible reputation. It's obvious with their cushy lives that they spend their days playing golf while dripping in diamonds, surrounded by staff who fulfil their needs. "In … [Read more...]

The Expat Niche

I was searching through my bag for a pen while chatting to a new friend when I found my house keys. The Adelaide house keys. It was an impulse buy at the hardware store - I'd collected one of those miniature torches as a keyring. The torch had assisted in the walk to the local restaurant, particularly the part where you make your way through the … [Read more...]

Louise, Sassy, and Ooshka. The Women at the International School Gate

An international move for a family will often require finding an International School. One of my part-time roles is as a relocation specialist. I Skype with families on the other side of the world who are nervously sitting with a list of questions about their future expat life. School is always at the top of the list. Which one? Who has the best … [Read more...]