Grocery Money

*updated A few years ago, a girlfriend of mine was coming out of the baby haze of three children in as many years. Over coffee with friends she suggested she was ready to return to the office. Actually, she was ready to return anywhere, as long as it was out of her house and someone was prepared to pay her. “I just want something part-time, … [Read more...]


In between returning to school with a swimming bag that was left at home and meeting some girlfriends for lunch, I stopped to pick up my new business cards. As I pulled over I looked out across the hazy landscape, just beyond the rubble in front of me was a freeway, from there on it was all pretty flat. Doha - if your dog runs away from home you … [Read more...]

The Expat Woman

If you've seen the French and Saunders skit of the two expat women who can barely get off their chairs to pour their gin, you would have to agree that expat women have a pretty terrible reputation. It's obvious with their cushy lives that they spend their days playing golf while dripping in diamonds, surrounded by staff who fulfil their needs. "In … [Read more...]