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Speed Dating for Expats

They assembled at a long table in a coffee shop. There were some who'd been the week before, they knew their targets and immediately aimed for a chair nearby.Your time starts now. No-one said it, but the feeling was there.She spotted her across the room. It was the green top, she loved that green, and then she saw her necklace, it was much the same … [Read more...]

The Expat Orange.

We take our fruit seriously where I come from. We've even built a 'Big Orange' as a tourist attraction (that's it on the left). Growing up, everyone around me seemed to be connected by fruit. You either grew it, packed it, picked it or distributed it. My father worked for a Co-operative that sold and marketed it, my mother for an engineering firm … [Read more...]

There are some crappy things about being an expat

There are some truly wonderful things that come with being an expat. There's the obvious, the chance to make new friends from all over the world, the opportunity to travel and of course the eternal optimism that comes with the search of an unobtainable upgrade from an airline.The really crappy things that come with being an expat are usually … [Read more...]

Home is a language of the heart

Home is a language of the heart. Do you know what your heart language is? While being told the story of an expat woman who'd adopted a child I learnt a beautiful expression. She was taking her new son home for the first time to his new billungual home - he was four. Both she and her husband spoke more than one language. Her son had also … [Read more...]

How Do You Re-Invent Your Career? This Is What I Did.

The invitation to speak came in the form of a message, a night with the Qatar Professional Women's Network, would I be interested in speaking? I checked out the evite "Hear our speakers talk about how they reinvented their careers since moving to Doha". So how do you re-invent your career? How did I re-invent mine? Let’s start from the … [Read more...]

The Average Australian

It's Australia Day. As an Aussie in Qatar this means that we have all gone about our business in the usual manner - it's a work day, a school day, an everyday. Tonight G and I will have drinks with some fellow Aussies at a hotel in town - there will not be one Holden Ute in the carpark, just a plethora of dressed up bogans looking for an … [Read more...]

A Place In Time

My mother was a fan of telling me that there was a time and a place for everything, which would usually follow with an arched eyebrow  "and this is neither the time nor the place". It was then that I would discover that handstands while wearing skirts were unacceptable in the middle of the restaurant. As an expat I'm beginning to learn that … [Read more...]

This Is What We Do

I'm smack in the middle of putting together a presentation on women and the effect of professional and social online networks. Except I'm not just writing about women, I'm writing about expat women. I write about expat women a lot. It's possibly because I'm an expat woman, or maybe it's that I feel we're often a misunderstood bunch, but primarily I … [Read more...]

In Case Of Death

I woke up this morning to an empty bed and a 7 year old gently patting me on the head. "Can you get my breakfast, Dad's left, he's gone to work." By the tone of his voice and his initial inflection, I could tell that breakfast was his main concern. A quick glance at my watch told me it was 5 minutes past 6. "Has he gone to work or for a … [Read more...]

Want To Know Who You’re Hanging Out With?

Have you seen that little live traffic feed I have in the bottom right hand side of the blog? G hates it. He thinks its ugly and needs to go. When I swapped over from Blogger to Wordpress the gorgeous Kelly Exeter suggested the same thing. I couldn't do it. "But I think it matches in with what the blog is all about. People from all over the … [Read more...]