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The Recipe for a Perfect Move

Somewhere in the middle of last week my husband and I became obsessed with coleslaw. Ridculous, I know, but there we were with the recipe book open discussing which cabbage, savoy or chinese, like the world depended on our decision. It was Eid Al Adha and with the kids off school, and both of us not working, it meant time was on our side. Time we … [Read more...]

The Oxygen Mask

Anxiety arrives in various forms with the arrival of any new baby. Even the most experienced of mothers will find herself questioning the sound of a cry, a change in appetite, or forehead temperature. An expat mother adds another layer to the unknown, she is often on her own, away from family and navigating a foreign health … [Read more...]

Sending Telstra a Telegraph (pole)

In a world of cancer treatment and discombobulated families it's important to have a giggle. Today's laugh out loud moment came courtesy of Andrew from Telstra. We've purchased a block of land, the plan is to now build a home for our family of six. Before any of this can start there are jobs to be done: land clearing, building approvals, septic … [Read more...]

Ditching The Obnoxious Twat

I spent the entirity of the year I turned 36 telling people I was 37. It was an accident. I'd miscalculated on the day and no-one ever questioned it. We were living in Canada at the time and it was one of the only years that we didn't make a trip home, a result of too many small children, a very tight budget, and feeling constantly jet lagged … [Read more...]

Gripping On To The Wreckage

My mind has been completely scrambled for the past two weeks. It wasn't just a matter of cruising down that famous river in Egypt, denial. I was heading Tsunami style, gripping on to the wreckage of life before cancer. Nothing will change. I can work full time. I've got this. This is merely a blip. I'd lose concentration mid sentence, find … [Read more...]

Days Without Yips

Sometimes you just have to lock yourself away for the day. Well I do. Maybe it's not for everyone, but Friday was one of those days. Just a day. I just needed a day to be miserable about this very inconvenient case of breast cancer. I woke up on Saturday with a clearer head, sunshine streaming through the windows, and plans. Plans are good. It was … [Read more...]

Just a Little Bit of Cancer

I can't imagine there's ever a convenient time for a cancer diagnosis, but mine felt particularly discommodious. It was our last "fun" day before heading back to Qatar. I'd planned lunch with a girlfriend and for the first time in what seemed liked weeks of a grey and wet Adelaide winter, the sun came out over stunning blue skies. Saturday would … [Read more...]

Fat and Happy

I'm about to go on a big fat diet. I hate diets. I don't do diets. I could try and make it sound better by saying that I'm about to "take better care of myself" but the reality is that I'm going on diet. Why? It's for work. Well, obviously there's the side benefits of better health, easier shopping expeditions, and perhaps turning my triple … [Read more...]

Who’s Providing Your Music Fix?

Years ago G worked with a guy who had an enormous appreciation for the music of  Paul Kelly. And when I say an enormous appreciation I mean the way he felt about Paul Kelly was similar to how many people feel about their children, or their partner. When he wasn't listening to Paul Kelly in his car he was listening to Paul Kelly at work, and if he … [Read more...]

Three Deep Breaths

My mother turned 70 recently, I was going to write about it on the day but it felt contrived at the time. I've written about her before, years ago. When she read the piece she was flattered but perhaps a little embarrassed. "You've made me sound like Mother Teresa!" While my mother didn't take a vow of chastity, poverty, and obedience (definitely … [Read more...]