Don’t Apologize For The Good Bits

A girlfriend of mine removed her recent family holiday snaps from Facebook. I know this because I wanted to go back and have a second look, I was interested to see whether they'd tagged in the name of exactly where they stayed. The shots were, as they say, picture perfect. The beach looked beautiful, the food fresh, every shot said come to Asia … [Read more...]

Every Expat Parent Knows It…

Born in one country, living in another - the beginning of expat life. My first baby was 11 days old when we made our way to the airport. In those 11 days we'd taken part, like many before us, in the expat version of the Amazing Baby Race. From the moment our newborn had made an appearance my husband was on a mission - a series of challenges for … [Read more...]

Rescue Dogs Are Like a Box Of Chocolates…

When you rescue a dog you can never be too sure about what you're going to get. The beagle, a Texan, came from the Houston Beagle Rescue Association. An organization which appeared (from its website) to have dozens of middle-aged beagles with some serious baggage. Each beagle had an icon to click with a story to tell. "Her previous owners … [Read more...]

Boarding School – Here’s Our Truth

It was April last year when I wrote about our eldest heading to boarding school. The reality had arrived. I couldn't keep pretending it wasn't going to happen. We'd not only said it out loud but we'd paid the deposit (ouch) and it was time to get my head around it before she started at her new school in February. In Australia private schooling … [Read more...]

The Oxygen Mask

Anxiety arrives in various forms with the arrival of any new baby. Even the most experienced of mothers will find herself questioning the sound of a cry, a change in appetite, or forehead temperature. An expat mother adds another layer to the unknown, she is often on her own, away from family and navigating a foreign health system. It was for … [Read more...]

Follow The Blinking Cursor

I began writing online in a hotel room, the natural habitat of a perpetual expat. With a blank page and a blinking cursor I typed the words with the idea of an online letter: We've made it! We are FINALLY here in Doha. We haven't quite arrived in the state we were hoping, the house in Houston is still on the market, the children don't have … [Read more...]

Sending Telstra a Telegraph (pole)

In a world of cancer treatment and discombobulated families it's important to have a giggle. Today's laugh out loud moment came courtesy of Andrew from Telstra. We've purchased a block of land, the plan is to now build a home for our family of six. Before any of this can start there are jobs to be done: land clearing, building approvals, septic … [Read more...]

Ditching The Obnoxious Twat

I spent the entirity of the year I turned 36 telling people I was 37. It was an accident. I'd miscalculated on the day and no-one ever questioned it. We were living in Canada at the time and it was one of the only years that we didn't make a trip home, a result of too many small children, a very tight budget, and feeling constantly jet lagged … [Read more...]

Why Christmas Chemotherapy is a Gift

I flew back to Australia a few days earlier than my family for a little bit of Christmas Chemotherapy. From the moment I was told of my treatment plan I began calculating how it was going to fit with the children and Christmas. If I was to have all four treatments in Doha it meant staying in Doha for Christmas, if I was to have radiotherapy in Doha … [Read more...]

Survivor Chemo

This week is all about survival. For authenticity I've thrown in a tribal council, an immunity challenge and a reward. I wake early and ready for work at around 5 a.m. At five in Qatar it's still dark, the house is quiet and there's work to be done in Melbourne where it's midday. Work is by far the best distraction I've found, a boss who makes me … [Read more...]