The Supreme Art Of A Teacher

I was thirteen when I watched my math teacher lose control of his class. There was only one thing that matched his lack of enthusiasm, and that was ours. Plastic bic biros were emptied of their contents and replaced with rolled up shots of paper. Paper that had been carefully worked into balls inside the mouths of teenage boys. Each time he'd turn … [Read more...]

Repatriation. Are you ready?

There's a new question. The new question is really getting up my nose because I'm pretty sure there's no answer. And if there is an answer, I probably won't know it, until it becomes irrelevant.Years ago, when living in Canada, we had friends visit from Australia. The topic of children and travel made its way into the conversation, and then more … [Read more...]

Change the Tone.

I stopped the first little traveler mid sentence. It was the tone. There was something in the tone of the sentence that sounded a little hard done by."What do you mean we're not normal? What's normal?""Well, *insert eye roll* I've lived in six countries Mum, and I've been to three schools..." The tone was dramatic, a little bit how come they all … [Read more...]

What do they think they are?

I'm often asked if The Little Travellers are confused about where they're from. It's a popular question, particularly when being interviewed about the blog and our expat life. "Is it confusing for them? What do they think they are?"As a parent it's very hard not too sound defensive when answering "What do they think they are?" The Little Travellers … [Read more...]