The wrong way to say Goodbye

From the moment we met, we started saying goodbye. It started with small trips to Melbourne and Perth, we had long phone calls, lots of giggling, "what are you wearing?"I'd drive him to the airport and find a message on my answering machine by the time I arrived home. We quickly became engaged. A few weeks later he had to go to Canada,  he wrote me … [Read more...]

Hi, my name’s Kirsty and I’m a……………….

The Qatar Professional Women's Network became desperate, they needed a speaker, and after scraping the bottom of the barrel, up I popped, in a sparkly top with jazz hands, okay so I had a sparkly top, but my jazz hands didn't make an appearance (it was a dry event).It was one of those great Doha nights, a sea of headscarfs, suits, saris and abayas. … [Read more...]