I Am Not Disappearing

I did something really naughty the other night.I told someone to bugger off. Actually it was worse than that, but my mother reads this blog which she then prints out for my Father so we'll just pretend I said bugger.It wasn't my intention to be so vocal, but listening to a man who began so many of his sentences with "the problem with women" or "you … [Read more...]

I can’t delete you

I can't delete you. I scroll past you, knowing there's no chance of contact. No quick hello. No five minute chat. I can't send out a last minute email with arrival times and new phone numbers. "I'll call you when we get into town - I understand if you're not up to it".  I've read it over and over. "Love you B". I didn't know that was it. … [Read more...]

The Facebook

Last week Facebook informed me that one of my "friends" was having a birthday. That friend was my father. We've been friends for awhile now, I guess our friendship really bloomed when he drove me home as a newborn from the hospital.With his brand new iPad for Christmas, my father became the final member of my immediate family to enter the world of … [Read more...]

Losing your dignity in Doha

It was a day of performances. The first performance involved G and I sitting in the front row of the elementary school music room. With grins from ear to ear, we watched the second little traveler play Grandma in Little Red Riding Hood. She was fantastic. She was particularly fantastic because she suffers from incredible stage fright.G and I had … [Read more...]

She done good with those pies.

It all started with a picture of my lamb pies. I'd spent the morning baking with the children and was feeling very proud of my culinary achievements. If you had seen some of my previous cooking efforts you'd understand why. Perhaps I was overly excited when I decided to share my lamb pies with the world on Facebook, but I was very, VERY proud of my … [Read more...]