Pâté Moments

A girlfriend of mine once told me that the reason G and I were still so happily together, was because he travelled a lot. "I'd love it if my husband went somewhere. Anywhere!" she said with her hands gripped in  prayer. I understood what she meant when she spoke of her dreams of eggs on toast for dinner and full control over the remote on the … [Read more...]

Relaxing the Ying

Although he's understandably tired, it's fair to say G is proving to be very good at parenting without me. In fact it wouldn't be unfair to suggest he's taken it a step further. Some may say, well, I think he's just showing off now.I'm told there are no more last minute dashes to school. The little travellers have let me know that when you go with … [Read more...]

The Re-union

G was away in London this week.We missed him.It's not just the space in the bed, it's the empty chair at the breakfast table and the realization at the end of the day that he's not going to walk through the door with the usual fanfare "Dad's home!" When the little travellers were babies I resented G's travel. I was envious of everything. Envious of … [Read more...]

My Democracy, My Dictatorship

  The third little traveler wasn't happy with a decision that had been made. As he left the room he muttered "I hate you, you're just so mean". I'd just removed the iPod from his hands and ordered him outside to kick the football with his brother. So mean.  We are in week six of school holidays (we have five more to go). G's been back in … [Read more...]

What if?

Within a week of meeting G, I began what has now become a fourteen year ritual of getting ready to say goodbye. Over the years the goodbyes have taken different forms. Initially, when it was just the two of us, it was simply a matter of missing him, of not wanting to be without him.In my first pregnancy I fell down the stairs in our apartment in … [Read more...]