A Bump and a Hurdle.

Expat life has its bumps and hurdles, but there is one sure way to bring it to a grinding halt.Get sick.Obviously I'm not talking about a cold, or a bout of tonsillitis. You'll need a surprise illness or diagnosis to really stop you in your tracks. Something that will have you wondering if you need to go home.I walked out of the urologist's office … [Read more...]

Just call me Mrs Turkey

We were meant to have a little Australia Day party tonight. I was going to dress up as Dame Edna, G was going to be Keith Urban (we were going to have the BEST hair). I wasted a good part of my day yesterday "sourcing" outfits. I had the Edna hair, the glasses, the feathers and the gladioli. I'd put together a play list that involved 9 hours of … [Read more...]