Deny The Goodbye.

I made the decision to live as a recluse shortly after hearing I needed to be at home for six weeks without my family.It made perfect sense to me, to lock myself away. I didn't want to talk to people about the children, and if they were missing me. I didn't want to see anyone else's children, I knew it would just remind me of what I was missing. I … [Read more...]

Arrivals or Departures?

Years ago,  a girlfriend of mine, confided that she often snuck off to the airport on weekends. She had no reason to go, it was purely for people watching. "I love that bit when you see people saying goodbye - I wonder where they're going and for how long. I just like to feel a part of their excitement. It makes me happy". I asked about the … [Read more...]

The last week.

The 4 Little TravellersBy this time next week, our currently bustling and busy house will be packed up, locked and lifeless. The fridge will be bare, the hot water service turned off and the outdoor furniture will be awkwardly stacked inside. The Little Travellers shell collection will lay dormant until next year.It is our last week.I really don't … [Read more...]


Does an expat ever really say goodbye? Or do they just agree to meet at the next location?I'd been in Jakarta for about three days when the first person asked me if I knew Belinda. When I met her, I realized it was more of a statement than a question. It was a you really NEED to meet this girl, which was usually followed by a "she's great fun, … [Read more...]